Cute Ponytails and Updos for Little Girls

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Here are some of my favorite updos for little girls, great for dance, school and other times when you really want the hair to stay put (family vacations, etc.). Make sure to save this page by pinning.

Updos and ponytail hairstyles for little girls

Diagonal Web Top Knot Ponytail Updo for Little Girls

I love doing web styles whenever we are doing activities where I really want hair to stay in place (amusement parks, family vacations, etc.) Confession: I also do web hairstyles when we are on a busy vacation (or camping) and I don’t want to do hair the next day. Yep. This hairstyle wears for days! 🙂

Diagonal Web Into a Top Knot | Q's Hairdos

Twisted Ponytail Updo

This particular video is an adult, but this is also a great updo for little girls as well.

Twisted Ponytail | Twist Me Pretty

The Topsie Tail Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This is a really fun one, and the first time I learned of the Topsie Tale Hair Tool. So much better than pulling the ponytail through with the fingers, and has a cleaner look.

Topsie Tail Faux Hawk tutorial by Two Little Girls Hairstyles

Pull-Thru Updo

This particular video is showing an adult hairstyle, but this would look super cute as an updo for little girls!

Pull-Thru Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles

4 Twists Messy Bun Updo Hairstyle For Girls

This one is quick and easy, but also super cute!

4 Twists With Center Messy Bun Toddler Hairstyle

Rolled Updo for Little Girls

I love this particular one because she just uses a braid instead of a headband. My girls don’t aways like to wear a headband.


Ponytail Variations

Here are a bunch of different ways to spice up the ponytail!

10 easy hairstyles with ponytails for school | Patry Jordan

Zig-Zag Ponytail

Here’s another variation of the web:

I hope you enjoyed these ponytails and updos for little girls!

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Updos and ponytail hairstyles for little girls



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