Rotissoire Chicken Recipes: 30-min meals using leftover chicken

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Confession time: meal planning is like my least favorite thing everrrr. There have been many nights, as a result of my own laziness, that we have eaten a plain rotissoire chicken from the store. But there are only so many times we can handle eating plain chicken. Then I had a briliant idea….What about Rotissoire chicken recipes?! Real, delicious meals, that are simplified by using a rotissoire chicken that you can grab from the grocery store and throw into an actual recipe?

This is called a life-changing moment people!

So….I roiunded up some awesome rotissoire chicken to simplify both your life and my own. These are dinner recipes that either call for rotissoire chicken, or can easily be made using one!

Delicious 30-min Rotissoire Chicken Recipes: 

These chicken recipes save my life, and are so easy to use with a store-bought rotissoire chicken!

Chicken Pot Pie

Not only is this chicken pot pie recipe amazing…but it’s also a great freezer recipe! Cha-ching! So buy an extra rotissoire chicken, and make two meals! One for now, and one for later!

chicken pot pie & other awesome rotissoire chicken recipes

Naan Bread Meals (Easy Chicken Pizza)

one of my all-time favorite rotissoire chicken recipes, is using naan bread for some yummy chicken pizza. Some of my favorites include chicken alfredo with tomato, and chicken pesto with artichoke and bacon. There are also 9 other recipes listed here that you can adapt using your chicken!

I Love these Frugal Meal ideas using Naan bread!

Little Hen Casserole (Using rotissoire chicken)

a wonderful chicken & gravy style dinner, and such an easy way to use up leftover chicken! This dinner recipe is also amazing on nights when you need to go grocery shopping, because very little is needed to make it! #Winning.

Easy Little Hen Casserole Using Rotissoire Chicken

Chicken Noodle Soup 

This one is great for cold or rainy days, and also for taking to a neighbor after surgery or child-birth. There’s just something so comforting about a warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. This chicken recipe even comes with a free printable gift tag! Cuteness.

chicken noodle soup and other easy chicken recipes

Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Salsa
Chicken Enchiladas + Other easy recipes you can make with rotissoire chicken

Chicken Fajita Enchiladas

creamy chicken enchiladas + other yummy chicken recipes

8 Can Taco Soup 

This is a classic easy dinner for a rushed night. Substitute the canned chicken for a rotissoire.

8 Can Taco Soup + Other amazing 30 min meals

Cilantro and Lime Enchiladas (use rotissiore chicken instead of beef)

Cilantro lime enchiladas and other 30 min recipes

Nachos with Special Green Chile Sauce

The nachos pictured below have beef on them, but we love to use this same recipe with rotissoire chicken. The green chile sauce is so yummy!

nachos and other easy 30 min meals

Chicken Fajita Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

chicken fajita grilled cheese + other favorite chicken recipes

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Ramen Chicken Salad

The Best Asian Ramen Chicken Salad

Baked Chicken Street Tacos

Baked Chicken Street Tacos and other easy chicken recipes

Rotissoire Chicken Stuffed Alfredo Bread

rotissoire chicken alfredo bread. LOVE this stuff!

What are your favorite Rotissoire Chicken Recipes??