Pick up Your Stuff! (The best tips for getting kids to clean)

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“Pick up your stuff!”

How many tired moms have uttered those 4 words over the past 50 years? Too many to ever count! If someone were to ever ask me what is my biggest stress as a mother, and I answered honestly, my answer would be, “Getting my kids to pick up their stuff!” I’m referring to VERY BASIC stuff here folks! I mean- put your laundry IN the basket instead of NEXT to it-kind of BASIC. It takes just as much energy to do both, right? 

Well, I was getting pretty tired of constantly seeing belongings left out, stuff stashed in corners, under beds and other random places that I was venting to my friend about it one day. She thought it was pretty funny until she was in the shower the next day and noticed her own kids were doing some stashing of their own!

getting your kids to clean
“Cause evidently granola bars just taste better in the shower”

Seriously, what is it about the fight to get kids to clean up that drives all moms crazy? I’m open to all opinions here. If you’ve figured out the magical solution, by all means PLEASE comment below cause we would all like to hear it!

Why do we need our kids to pick up their stuff? Because it teaches them responsibility, but even more, IT KEEPS US MOMS FROM GOING ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

The crap hit the fan last week and I had just about had all I could possibly take! Just tidying up my house was taking up more time than I had. Going beyond that to clean up what the little minions stashed in all the corners and crevices because  they thought  I wouldn’t notice was just not gonna happen. It was time for boot camp…clutter boot camp! ( I might have really used the word crap, but my mom would say that’s not ladylike 😛 )

I’m about to share the best advice I have found from other bloggers for getting your kids to clean up in the future, but first, may I suggest my 2 step method for getting rid of all of their excess hoarding and stashing that may be currently going on in your house!

Step One: Clutter Round up

Tools needed: 1 Broom

I KNOW how to declutter (or decrap.) I’ve read all the good books. Sort through everything…divide it into piles…whatever! I wasn’t in the mood and didn’t have the time. Instead, I got out my trusty broom and I went into EVERY room, pulled out and picked up every  unnecessary item I could find and swept EVERYTHING into the hall and living room. I couldn’t believe how much there was in our so-called “clean” house! I’m embarrassed to share….but I will…so you can feel better about your own house! 
getting kids to clean

Lovely, right?

Step 2 : Close your eyes and THROW it ALL AWAY!

Tools needed: As many garbage bags as you can fill!

So what did I do with all of it? I filled up 4 trash bags and threw it ALL away! And it FELT SO GOOD! We haven’t missed any of it since! Extreme? You bet. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. I was desperate!

Now for the fun part! Want to avoid to avoid all of the above from happening in YOUR house? Here is a round-up of the best cleaning tips from the best bloggers for getting kids to CLEAN!I can't tell you how many times I've said that to my kids! This is a great round up of tips for getting kids to clean! I can use cleaning tips like these EVERY DAY!

Let’s start with our kids bedrooms…

How I get My Kids to Clean Their Rooms by Living Well Spending Lessgetting kids to clean

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getting kids to clean


Here are some great posts for making chores fun…

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getting kids to clean


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Too Many toys? I loved this post from One Creative Mommy!getting kids to clean

Getting toddlers to help clean up can be especially challenging. I loved the advice this mom gave in her post:

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Last, but certainly not least, if you are tired of nagging your kids constantly and would like to teach them to clean without ruining your relationship, here is a wonderful post from none other than my sister, Trish, here at Double the Batch!

Teaching Your Kids to Clean Without Ruining Your Relationship

getting kids to clean


Do you have a great tip for getting kids to pick up their stuff? Please share! We’re all desperate to know!