Homeschool FOMO

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Homeschool FOMO is a real thing that many homeschooling families deal with. Homeschool FOMO stands for: The FEAR OF MISSING OUT. It’s a real thing mama, but its going to be ok. 

What are some things that we, as moms, have homeschool FOMO about? What are some things your child may have homeschool FOMO? Here is a list that we have experienced. Following this list are TIPS on how to handle homeschool FOMO. To focus on bettering your mental health as a homeschooling mom, check this post out!

Homeschool FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out is a real issue that many homeschoolers have to learn to deal with. This post will give great tips to help make homeschool FOMO easier!


#1 – First day of school jitters

The first day of school has always been hard for me. I remember what it was like to go to school on the first day. It was exciting! I had new clothes, new teachers and a brand new year in front of me. Of course that is something that I want my boys to feel as well. 

#2 – Holiday activities

The holiday activities were the best. I remember the carnival being epic! The whole school was decorated and there were endless activities in each classroom. 

#3 – Field Trips

One of my boys greatest FOMO activities was going to a place called JA City. This is where you got to be an adult for a day. You were given a job and given responsibilities to keep the city running. Unfortunately this was a field trip that was hard to do if you weren’t in public school. You had to have a huge amount of kids to schedule a time to make the city work. 

The end of year field trips were hard as well as different friends would give detailed accounts of how cool something was as they went on a different field trips each day.

#4 – School lunch 

I’m not sure what it is about school lunch, but this was definitely a huge thing my boys missed when we started homeschooling. Friday pizza and the endless amounts of yellow peppers. 

#5 – Recess

Oh, that feeling when you are let out to recess as you race to claim your 4-square spot or swing you and your friends predetermined to meet at. Nothing quite like it. 

#6 – Parent Teacher Conference

This didn’t take long for me to realize I’m not missing much. Parent teacher conference is actually fantastic as a homeschooler. However, having someone else tell you how well your child is doing is sometimes kind of nice. 

Some of these FOMO’s will go away over time, but some of them won’t. After 7 years, I still feel a tinge of FOMO during the first week of school. Kids and parents are so excited while you sit back knowing you won’t have a moment of peace like all of your other mom friends are going to have. 

Know this…

You are not a lone! Here are a couple tips to help combat the homeschool FOMO syndrome! 


TIP #1 – Start a tradition for your first day of school

We go to the lake with other homeschoolers on the first day of school. It is so fun! The kids have a blast, the weather is great and the lake is ours. 

TIP #2 – Start some fun holiday traditions. 

Oh, the sky is the limit with this one. Make sure you include your kids in the planning on this one. Spend a day cooking holiday treats and making crafts. Plan a party with other homeschoolers and celebrate how other countries may celebrate during that holiday. 

Tip #3 – Take your own field trips

Here is a tip! Taking your own field trips is pretty awesome! If you plan it right, you can get the museum to yourself! Also, many museums offer discounts to homeschoolers, so make sure you check that out. The library is pretty awesome to visit while everyone is in school too. Again, you have the place to yourself! 

Tip #4 – Lunch

I’ve got nothing for you on this one. HA HA! This is an adjustment getting used to feeding your kids for lunch too. Oh yeah…they snack all day too! They would probably die at school if they went back. 

Tip #5 – Recess

My boys don’t even think about this one anymore. They go outside and ride their bikes all through out the day. We are outside a lot for school, so this homeschool FOMO is definitely not a problem. 

Do lots of nature study. Read outside while the weather is great! Charlotte Mason said, “Never be within doors when you can rightfully be without.”

Tip #6 – Parent Teacher Conference

I was half kidding as I mentioned it above as being a homeschool FOMO. However, I have discovered that having these parent teacher conferences with yourself can be extremely valuable. It helps keep your goals fresh on how you want your homeschool to look like. 

Keep a journal and write about each kids. What is working and what isn’t? What are their interests and dreams? Do you know what they enjoy and desire to learn more about? All of these questions are great to ask during these parent teacher conferences. 

Tip #7 – Begin Traditions!!

Lastly, I highly suggest you begin new traditions that are unique to your family and situation. These moments will become the most memorable and will be so exciting for your family to look forward to. It could be as simple as doing a culture night where you eat food from another country or providing donuts when you read poetry together. It’s the little things. Make them count.

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