Mental Wellness For The Homeschooling Mom

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Mental wellness! Oh man, these two words I believe have taken on a whole new meaning in our lives. We can get so caught up in the busyness of life that if we are not careful, we can quickly find ourselves drowning. Lets chat a minute on how you can help focus and balance your mental wellness so you can live your life to the fullest! 

Mental wellness has taken on a whole new meaning in our lives. We can get so caught up in the busyness of life that if we are not careful, we can quickly find ourselves drowning. Lets chat a minute on how you can help focus and balance your mental wellness so you can live your life to the fullest! 

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, fun, and exciting things to experience. It is also one of the most exhausting, frustrating and tiring things you can experience. Throw homeschooling into that mix and you now have a whole new level that leaves you wondering if you are even going to pass the next level of this wild game called life. When I started homeschooling, it wasn’t just about being physically tired anymore but the mental exhaustion was REAL! 

My brain hurt and I just wanted to shut everything off! My mental wellness was all over the place and it affected my physical wellness. 

Over the years I have found a couple of ways that have improved my mental wellness and overall well being that I want to share with you. I hope you can find something that works for you. Each of these 5 things have an individual role in my life and are not in any particular order. To me, these 5 things are key for my mental wellness. 

#1 – The Well Educated Heart

The Well Educated Heart is a philosophy that focuses on educating an individuals heart. For me, this philosophy has re-instilled the love of learning in myself and now I am using this philosophy in teaching my boys. The focus is to read a lot of different stories to partake of the grand buffet of amazing individuals who have ever lived. 

If you can teach through stories and stand on the shoulders of these giants who have lived, than your focus and ability to make this world a better place is greater. If your heart is in the right place, anything can be accomplished! You can learn more of The Well Educated Heart philosophy here.

Why is this good for my mental wellness?? I discovered that reading and learning is fun and I crave it! I have found my heart and learned how to intertwine my heart and learning together. Doing this has increased my mental wellness and my heart! It’s a beautiful thing! 

#2 – Time to Ponder/Study

Ask yourself this question. How can you inspire and lead your children to have a joy filled life, if you aren’t feeling inspired and lead a joy filled life? This is when the phrase, “you, not them” comes in. I have found that when I take time to study, ponder and learn the things I love to learn, then I am happier. My boys see that joy and then they begin to understand the joy learning can bring. 

Whenever I come across something I find awesome or inspiring, then I make sure I share that with my boys. When you first come upon the “you, not them” concept, it may seem backwards. I remember thinking that since I have already had my education, my focus needs to be on my boys’ education. 

Here is the deal! Your education should never stop. You need to continue learning and inspiring yourself so your kids can see the purpose and joy that a love of life long learning can bring. Take time to ponder and study! 

#3 – Nature

Oh, nature is my happy place! If I am feeling out of sorts, or feeling stuck, or whatever it may be, I find when I get out in nature it feels my bucket up. This is perhaps even more true for my boys. Being out in nature clears my head as you leave all of your other worries back in town for just a little while. Many times as you step away from the daily grind of daily life, you see things in a different perspective.

A different perspective usually always helps my mental wellness, and nature has a way of bringing a new perspective. 

#4 – Exercise

Being a busy mom and homeschooling your children all day, exercising can be one of those things that is extremely easy to put on the back burner! This needs to be an intentional task that you need to find time to do. Find a time where you can just go take a quick run, or even a walk for 30 minutes. Exercising clears your mind (even if all your thinking about is how bad your body hurts as you are running up that hill:)). 

If you have young kids, then take a walk with them or pull/push them in a stroller while running, walking or biking! Just get out and move. 

#5 – Amare

Are you taking supplements? Do you need supplements? If you are not, I highly recommend doing some research on how our bodies are just not receiving all of the vitamins and minerals we need. We live in a day of processed, fast food on the go foods. Eating healthy takes time and you need to be intentional.

I was introduced to this company from a dear friend around 6 months ago. My friend, who has Lymes Disease, started taking these supplements and I saw a HUGE change in her. We Marco Polo often and before Amare, she would Marco Polo me from her bed, or she looked exhausted. Fast forward to now, I see a drastic difference. She has more energy, focus and feels better all around. 

I have had heart problems for many years and this company is focused on balancing our three brains in our head, gut and heart. I was naturally drawn to this with the problems I have had with my heart. When these 3 brains are balanced then you receive an overall feeling of physical and mental wellness.

I began taking these supplements which are all natural and my focus has improved, I am less fatigued, and my heart health has improved. I can tell a difference when I don’t take it. It is becoming increasingly harder to get the vitamins and minerals our bodies need through our diets. As a mom, running kids around and homeschooling, there are times I only have time to have cold cereal in the morning, or have a quick lunch that doesn’t include a veggie. 

The supplements that are provided by Amare help balance your brain, gut and heart so it can absorb those minerals and vitamins better reducing fatigue, depression,  and a various physical ailments. Is it a cure all?? No. I have a friend who tried it for 3 months and she didn’t feel a difference. Each of our bodies are different and will react differently. For me and many others, it has helped our mental wellness in more ways than one. 

Where to start with AMARE

Unlike many other supplements out on the market, Amare ingredients are all natural which for me and many others is a huge plus. I would start with a cleanse that is called REBOOT first. This cleanse isn’t too hard, it lasts three days, and you can still eat many foods, but this cleanse will help jumpstart the rebalancing process of your gut. 

After you use REBOOT then you start with the FUNDAMENTALS pack. The FUNDAMENTAL PACK lasts a month if you take it daily, and it is recommended to use the FUNDAMENTALS daily for 3 months. After that, you can take it as needed or daily if you want. Again, each body is different so each person’s regime will look differently. 

You can check out more about Amare from this site.   or you can always contact me by emailing me at

upliftingmayhem @ gmail dot com 

I hope these 5 things have given you ideas on how to help your mental wellness as a homeschooling mom, or any mom. We all know when MOM ISN’T HAPPY, NO ONE IS HAPPY!