Small Budget Gift Ideas for Kids

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We’re determined to keep Christmas simple this year at our house. If you read this post I wrote last week you know of our plan to get the kids more involved in the gift giving and give Santa a ‘break’ this year. Because our kids are doing most of the shopping for each other, we’ve been on the look out  for simple, small budget gift ideas for kids. When I say “small budget” I don’t mean toys that break the next day. We’ve had enough of those over the years! I’ve been determined to find the best quality for the lowest possible cost. I’m also going to share the gifts we have bought in the past that have been a success. Because we have a wide range of ages at our house (2-11) I’ll do my best to share ideas for kids of all ages. Here we go!

I love these gift ideas! Great QUALITY gifts that my kids will love AND won't break my budget!

Baby & Toddler Gift Ideas:

Finger Puppets

Webkinz Animals

                                                      Water Wow Books (my 2 yr old LOVES these!)

Button Art (another favorite around our house & great for church!)

 Board Books


Preschool Age Gift Ideas:

Spot it Alphabet

Color and Carry Books

Snowflake Blocks

Mini Puzzles

Fishing Game  Puzzle

Sticker Books

See and Spell

Lace and Trace


Elementary Age Gift Ideas:

Laugh out Loud & Knock Knock Joke Books

Math Dice

Scratch Art

Pig Poppers

                                                Mixels (my 8 yr old LOVES these!)

Jean Tats for girls (tattoos for jeans that wash out in the washing machine!) 

Modeling Clay

Paper Beads Kit

Games (Story Cubes, Sleeping Queens, Sushi Go, Sum Swamp, Bounce off

 Pie Face (read about our hilarious experience playing pie face here.)



Beanie Boos



Teenager Gift Ideas:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Teens Cook Book

UnGame for Teens

Snack Gift Basket

Restaurant Gift Cards

Slouchy Beanie Cap

Charm Bracelets


Do you have some great small budget gifts ideas for kids? Please share in the comments below! You may just make a kids day! (and help out a parent who’s out of ideas!)