The “POOP EMOJI FRIEND” Everyone Needs!

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Being a mom is not for the weak at heart! As you know it is a full time job filled with every emotion possible. Sometimes you get stuck inside your little bubble… one gets in and no gets out….. I want to ask you a question. What human being do you turn to when you are struggling physically, spiritually, mentally? If your like me the only person I really turn to is my husband and my mom. It’s hard for me to go beyond those 2 people, it just not my personality.

Poop Emoji Friend

Over the past couple years, I have had a couple incidents that have been a little scary. Not very many people know about these short, crazy times in my life. These incidents range from half of my face going numb for 2 weeks, hemorrhaging after a miscarriage, to heart problems. Not to mention the many times moms are hit with a common illness (which shouldn’t be allowed), but tend to knock a mom off of her feet! I recently had a friend with a crazy bad kidney infection, and I didn’t learn about it for a couple days…….

The whole point to this post is something my dear friend scolded me about. She would learn about my struggles sometimes weeks later and the time I may have needed her most had already past. She calmly (ok half yelling) said, “Marcy, you need to let me know about these things!!”

A couple days later she sent me a text with just the poop emoji. Our conversation went like this…..

After she vented she said,

I have thought a lot about this and I agree with her! The moral to this story is

Everyone needs a poop emoji friend!

All it takes is a quick text with that silly little emoji. It creates a quick, painless confession while bringing humor into a situation. It is fast and easy and lets those close to you know you are struggling. Sometimes you just need that extra help or friend knowing they have your back if you need it.

After my friend texted me her struggles, I decided I wanted to thank her and to make her smile. I then created this fantastic poop emoji jar! Guaranteed to bring a smile!  It is simple, cute, and sure to brighten someones day!

Poop Emoji Friend


Poop Emoji Friend

Step #1 –

Simply tape the label on your bottle in the desired place

Poop Emoji Friend

Step #2-

Cut the ribbon the height of the lid and glue in around the edge of the lid with a hot glue gun.

Poop Emoji Friend

Step #3-

Crumple up some burlap and glue it down on top of the lid.

Poop Emoji Friend

Step #4 –

Fill up the jar with tootsie rolls

Poop Emoji Friend

Step #5-

You can add a note, flowers, cookies or any other treat with it if you want. Mine just happened to be a thank you and a thinking of you, so I included both!

ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! Get a friend and commit to be each others poop emoji friend.

THANKS FOR BEING MY POOPY FRIEND  PRINTABLE. This Printable contains a label for a larger bottle or a baby food bottle.