How to Make a Beautiful Home

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How to make a beautiful home? That is the magical question on my mind lately.

Growing up, I don’t remember having elaborate things or a perfectly decorated home. My mom always claimed she really wasn’t good at that sort of thing. I do remember one decoration that stands out from the rest. It was a small row of wooden hooks. On each hook hung a wooden heart with each child’s name. Above the hooks was a wooden plaque that read,

 “Home is where you hang your heart.”

Now, as an adult, I realize I have taken after my mom in the art of decorating. It’s just not something I’m very good at. I look at friends homes and covet their way of decorating and making their homes look beautiful.

For me, it’s all very simple.

There’s a few pictures scattered on random walls, (although I AM good at PAINTING those walls!) and our furnishings are very simple. Simple is good, right?

We are 2 weeks away from moving to a new home half way across the country and I have been trying to think of how to decorate, furnish, and make it look amazing. 

Like I said before, this sort of thing just DOES NOT come easy for me. 

I visited my mom this morning and found myself wandering around her home, at one point, just looking at all the things I had grown up with, all the memories and most of all…the FEELING I felt. A feeling of peace came over me and realized that WHAT my home looked like was less important that what it FEELS like. 

Maybe I’m just more sentimental lately because I know I will be leaving all of my siblings and parents behind to start a new adventure with my family, but my heart has just been more open lately to what is most important. 

What makes a house a home and what makes a home beautiful?In the quest to make a beautiful HOUSE, the most important part of creating a HOME is overlooked!

While beautiful things and cleanliness definitely contribute to making a beautiful HOUSE, I believe it is the SIMPLE things that make a home FEEL beautiful! My home should be a place where my children not only feel comfortable enough to kick off their shoes but also to hang up their hearts.

So, if you find yourself constantly trying to beautify your home in one way or another, or if you feel like me and are always struggling to ‘keep up’ with all the housekeeping, remember this one thing. 

creating beautiful memories while getting a little messy!
(Creating beautiful memories while getting a little messy!)

The memories you create will have a much greater effect on your family than what brand of appliances you own, what brand of furniture you buy, or how immaculate your kitchen is. 

Choose to make a beautiful home, but choose to keep it simple so that the REAL time you spend is on what matters most…how your home FEELS!

So the next time you are wondering how to make a beautiful home, the simplest answer might just be the best!