How to Get Good Deals on Fashionable Maternity Clothes

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There’s a battle that I have within myself every time I am pregnant. The battle that exists is the lack of motivation to spend lots of money on a wardrobe that I will only wear for a few months, and yet the desire to not look like a total frump that has lost all sense of fashion. It often seems that the price on maternity clothes is at least TWICE as much as normal clothing which makes zero sense to me. Plus, I find it very hard to find anything I like in nearby stores. For my 3rd pregnancy, I actually went to several stores to find out that a.) their maternity section was completely picked over, or B.) their maternity section no longer existed in any nearby stores (thanks a lot GAP!).

This led me to get almost all of my maternity clothes online, which ended up not being so bad. I discovered there are a lot of deals to be found online! Here are some of my favorite places to find maternity clothes:

How to get good deals, and where to find a good VARIETY of maternity clothes

Where to Find Good Deals on Maternity Clothes

Zulily. This is bar far my favorite because they feature different brands everyday, so if nothing stands out one day, chances are you will find something you love on a different day. If you already have an account with them, you can check out the baby and maternity section here, otherwise quickly sign up for an account here. You can disable getting their daily emails in your settings, but this is one company that I actually recommend getting the emails for because they have so many new brands they feature everyday. They also feature tons of stuff for baby and nursery, so it’s a good idea to start stocking up on those essentials (at a bargain) as well. The one downside is that some of their stuff takes a couple of weeks to ship, so if you are needing stuff soon, check out their “ready to ship” category. Here are just a few of the things I purchased on Zulily for this pregnancy (along with LOTS of leggings):

Where to Find Good Deals on Maternity Clothes

Jane. This site doesn’t feature near as much as Zulily, more like one or two items a day, so it’s hit or miss, but their shipping is faster! I found a couple of cute maternity (and baby) items here, plus a few cute tunics that weren’t maternity, but work just as well (paired with some comfy leggings). All kinds of cute stuff for babies though, so if you are working on getting little one’s wardrobe ready, definitely check out! This is where you can usually find those cute baby moccasins for $15.99 (rather than $40+ on other sites). Here are a couple of things I bought on Jane most recently for this pregnancy (they often have extra long layering tanks which are great for when your clothes start not fitting anymore).

Where to find maternity clothes without breaking the bank

Amazon. This might be one of my top favorite places too just because of the options, the shipping, and because I love Amazon’s customer service and return policy on most things. Their maternity section has way more than I thought they would and they feature some of my favorite brands (Pink Blush Maternity, Motherhood, and others).

ThredUp. If you don’t mind gently used clothing, this is a great place to find good deals. I say why not? Pay full price on clothes you will wear all the time, not on your maternity clothes! They feature a lot of GAP, Old Navy, Motherhood, and some other popular brands. I saw a cute maxi dress on there the other day that I would have purchased if I wasn’t on my last few weeks of pregnancy right now! Get $20 off your first purchase here.

You can also find some good deals on maternity clothes at GAP, Old Navy, and Target

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