How To Build an Unlimited Amount of Forts With Just ONE Kit

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So I ran across this the other day while I was putting together a gift guide for elementary aged kids and I just think its one of the coolest things ever.
It’s a fort building and construction toy kit
and it’s BOMB! Now, before you tell me you can build a fort yourself with your couch cushions and linens, let me just say this kit is for taking fort building to the NEXT LEVEL. I started out to say I would have loved this as a kid, but let’s be honest, the kid in me would still love this.   Let me tell you why.  There is an unlimited amount of fort designs you can build with just this one kit. The kit comes with 346 high quality, sturdy, pieces in it so you can really let your imagination go wild. 
To give you an idea of just what you can do with this bad boy,  Here are a few examples:
(You can find instructions for these designs on their website under: Fort Designs)

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I love the unlimited amount of creations you can come up with and that it inspires thought, creativity, and imagination.