Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

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I have had so much fun watching my little boy play and discover his world! He turned 2 in October and received a bunch of new toys for his birthday. Several of them were a huge hit with him!  He is still playing with them a month later, which I think is  a good litmus test.  So, here are some gift ideas for toddler boys to make shopping for Christmas or their birthday a little easier on you.

Looking for the perfect gift for your little guy? Here are some great gift ideas for toddler boys.


1- This John Deer Tractor bike is very reasonably priced.  My son loves tractors and having his very own to ride around makes him very happy.

2- My son received this rubber soccer, basketball, football set from his grandparents.  He loves to throw balls… hard… and when you aren’t looking.  These are perfect because they are very bouncy and small and soft enough not to do any damage if they hit you in the head when you aren’t expecting it. (-:  He loves to throw them down the stairs to his sisters, who retrieve them and throw them back. Fun for hours at a cheap price.

3-  The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset is a great option for boys who love to play with cars.  My son loves watching the car spin down the track.  You can add to this set later with other sets they sell–  they all interconnect with each other.

4- Melissa & Doug toy brand is one of my favorites.  This hammer and ball tower is one of his favorite toys that they make.  He loves hammering the balls through the holes and watching them roll down the tower.

5- My son is obsessed with airplanes.  I am planning to get this airplane set from Fisher Price for him for Christmas. What I love about Fisher Price is the durability of their toys- which is critical with a toddler.  The airplane we got him for his birthday is already in pieces.  I should have gotten this one in the first place.

6-  My son is also obsessed with the moon, so we got him this glow-in-the-dark moon and star set to decorate his walls.  As part of his bedtime routine, I tell him to make the stars and moon come out- then he turns out the light and gets excited when they appear.  It is a great way to make bedtime more fun and distract him from the fact that it is time for sleep.

7- My son loves shooting baskets and the great thing about this basketball hoop is that you can use it outside in the summer and then bring it inside to give him something active to do during the cooped-up winter months.

8-  Toddlers love to push things around and to imitate what you do– which makes this grocery cart a great gift option.  It even comes with play boxes of food to enhance their make believe shopping experience. (-:

9-  Pull back cars and trucks are great fun at this age.  My son loves to pull them back and watch them go.  I even found this cute pull back school bus! What kid doesn’t get excited about a school bus?

10- This is the age when kids really start to enjoy puzzles. Check out this puzzle bundle from Melissa & Doug with pegs to make it easy for them to get the pieces in and out.  These three puzzles will help them learn their numbers, letters, and colors as well, which is an added bonus.

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Hopefully, I’ve given you enough ideas to ensure you will have a happy toddler on your hands!  Good luck and happy shopping!

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