DIY Road Trip Binder for Kids

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DIY Road Trip Binder for Kids

With a 10 hour road trip ahead of us this summer, I’ve been packing more ideas to keep my kids happy in the car than anything else! One thing I decided to do was make Road Trip Binders for each of my kids to keep them busy. There are SO many free printable traveling games online ,that this was an easy thing to put together. I’ll share my favorite printables and everything else I included in my kids binders.

DIY Travel Binders for Kids

DIY Road Trip Binder for kids! Free printables. My kids are gonna love these on our trip!


I also added these awesome stickers and Cootie Catchers from Peaceable Kingdom since my kids love their stuff! (added after I filmed the video)Peaceable Kingdom stickers and cutie catchers

Here are the links for all the printables, games, or books I included in my binders:

Traveling Notebook Cover (Boy theme)

Traveling Notebook Cover (girl theme)

Travel Bingo


Summer Vacation I Spy

Restaurant I Spy

Hidden Pictures

License Plate Game

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Car Bucks

License Plate Dash

Disney Coloring Pages

Laugh out Loud Jokes for Kids

Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Cootie Catchers

Hidden Pictures Book

Color Wonder

Gel Pens

Doodle Pad

Zipper Pencil Pouch

Twistables crayons and pencils

DIY Road Trip Binder for Kids! Free Printables. My kids are going to LOVE these on our trip!Since we are going to Disneyland, I put these notebooks in Disney bags along with other books to read and activities.20150529_010802

I apologize for the poor lighting. I ended up having to make these late at night when my kids were asleep since it was a surprise. I will update this post after our trip and let you know if they were a success or a flop. I hope you have as much fun making your road trip binders as I did! Happy traveling everyone! (For more great ideas on keeping kids quiet and happy in the car, check out this post)

As a fun sidenote: Have you seen this awesome DIY travel map yet, from The Dating Divas? Whether you’ve visited a lot of states or have a long bucket list of travel plans this Gorgeous DIY Travel Map is the perfect way to document your travel adventures! Wall decor AND a great way to preserve memories too!! What a genius idea! The map includes templates for all of the States (including Alaska and Hawaii). You just pick your favorite photos from each state you’ve visited, use the template to cut it out, stick it on…and you’re done! roadmap