Car Bucks Printable for Kids

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If you’ve ever been in a car longer than an hour with kids you know how hairy it can get. Kids are just made to MOVE. They don’t like being strapped down for long, and it doesn’t take too long for your happy child to turn into your worst traveling nightmare. We are going on a 10+ hour car trip this summer, and I have been putting together travel binders and bags for my kids to help keep them happy and entertained. After all, HAPPY KIDS=HAPPY MOM and if you’ve read my “How to Stop Screaming at Your Kids” post you know just how necessary such a thing is! 

Sometimes, good behavior needs a little reinforcement and I love the idea of using Car Bucks to do this. Kids can earn Car Bucks for good behavior in the car (speaking kindly to siblings, being helpful, being patient, etc.) They can then turn in those ‘bucks’ for fun snacks or prizes. Older kids could even turn them in for quarters or cash to spend on the trip. So, while I am finishing up my travel bags and binders, I thought I would share this fun free printable to use on your next trip with the kids! ENJOY!

Click this link for printer friendly version: CAR BUCKS

Car Bucks Printable For Kids