21 CLEAN White Elephant Gifts You Have to Try

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White Elephant gifts are sometimes more fun to give than regular Christmas presents. If you’ve never been to a White Elephant party, basically you bring a gift to exchange that is meant more to entertain than to gain.  You can bring something silly, crazy, expensive or worthless. That’s what’s so fun about it. You never know what you’re going to get.

21 Clean White Elephant Gifts You Will LOVE! These white elephant gifts are funny and clean! Perfect for your family party or any other party

My family has been hosting White Elephant parties for years.  However, whenever I look up White Elephant gift ideas online, there’s always just gross, raunchy gift ideas. So, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite CLEAN gifts.  Enjoy!

Feisty pets

stuffed animals
This cute and cuddly stuffed animal isn’t what he seems.

Purrito t-shirt

Who wouldn’t love a little kitten wrapped in a burrito?


gloves, underwear
Oh man. I have no words.

Thumb war mug

I was the lucky recipient of this little gem and I still laugh every time I drink out of it.

Giant gummy hot dog

gummy hot dog
Looks good. Mmmmmm.

“Hang in there” cat poster

cat poster

Box of chocolates with money inside

box of chocolates, money
This is a nice little surprise for anyone!

White elephant salt and pepper shaker

salt and pepper shakers, white elephants
How fitting. Two white elephants.

Sandal Socks

You’ll be totally stylin’ with these bad boys.

Bag of Trump hair cotton candy

trump cotton candy
It’s crazy how something so simple can make you laugh so hard.

Giant foam cowboy hat

red cowboy hat
This cowboy hat is the bomb.

“You had one job” boxed calendar

boxed calendar
This boxed calendar will make you grateful that you’re not the only one who makes mistakes.

Giant Snickers Bar

snickers candy bar
If you love chocolate, then this white elephant gift is for you!

Yarn gift ball

yarn ball
This white elephant gift is an adventure. Put whatever surprise you want inside.

Carrot body pillow

carrot body pillow
I’ve always wanted to snuggle with a giant carrot.

“I’m sorry” t-shirt

This t-shirt’s for all the non-morning people in our lives. You know who you are.

Gigantic beach ball

giant beach ball
Hours of endless fun.

Babycakes mini donut maker

mini donut maker
This is one of those gifts that you would never buy for yourself but would be awesome to have.

Life-size Fabio cardboard cutout

Fabio life-size cutout
Wrap a small present with a card inside that says, “Go look in the other room” and then they will discover this gem.

Bathroom guestbook

guest book, white elephant gift
Give your visitors something to do when they use your bathroom.

Condiment gun

condiment gun
This handy condiment gun with make any barbeque more fun.

What White Elephant gifts are your favorite? Leave your comments below.

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