Christmas Right/Left Gift Exchange Game & Poem

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Searching for a Christmas gift exchange poem for a gift exchange game? This post explains the game and provides a free gift exchange poem that directs the game! 

A few years ago we started a new tradition at our family Christmas party.  In past years, it has started to becoming confusing and time consuming to have all the different cousins exchange gifts with each other every year.  We decided it was time to simplify. 

My sister in-law came up with a fabulous idea to play a gift exchange game instead of assigning or drawing out names for each kid. Now it is incredibly simple. Before the party, we each take our kids to the dollar store and let them choose out an item that would be liked by everyone. They wrap it and bring it to the party to play the Christmas gift exchange right and left game.  

A fun and simple way to exchange gifts at your next party! The Christmas Gift Exchange Right and Left Game that everyone of all ages will love to play! Simplifies gift giving in a fun a creative way!

It are the steps to play this very fun and simple game to exchange gifts. (Gift Exchange Poem below)

Step #1 –

Start out by placing everyone in a circle with all the gifts in the middle.

Step #2 –

Have each person stand up and pick one gift and have them return to their seat.

Step #3 –

Read a Christmas story with lots of “rights” and “lefts” in it to help them to exchange the gifts (Free Printable below).

Step #4 –

Every time you hear “right” in the story, pass the gift you are holding to the right. Every time you hear “left,” pass it to the left.

Step #5 –

At the end of the story, whichever gift you are holding is the one you go home with.  

This game simplifies the gift giving process among cousins, friends, or even co-workers. It is much easier on the parents, or those planning, and the kids have a great time.  There are many versions of this game out there, but here is a story I made up for us to play the game with.

In this particular version I added the word “scrambled” to the poem. When you hear the word scrambled, the kids should trade gifts once with anyone else in the circle that they choose. This is fun and mixes things up a bit more.  

This game would work great for any group of people exchanging gifts-  classroom parties, work parties, friend parties, whatever you’ve got going. Here is the Gift Exchange Poem to direct your gift exchange right and left story for you to use at your next party. Have fun!

Gift Exchange Poem for your next Christmas Left/Right Gift exchange game.

Gift Exchange Poem

I hope you have tons of fun with this game! 


Add to your Christmas party this fun right/left gift exchange game. The instructions and gift exchange poem are included as well for free! Enjoy your Christmas party!