20 of the BEST Creative and Cheap Neighbor Gifts for Christmas

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Every year I wonder what to give my neighbors for Christmas! Here is an awesome list of cheap neighbor gifts ideas for you this 2018 Holiday Season!! Such fun and cute ideas to make your life less stressful during the busiest time of year! Many times it isn’t about the item given, but it’s the smile and thought that comes with it! 

20 Best Creative And Cheap Neighbor Gifts For Christmas

The weather is getting colder and the holidays will be here before you know it! One of my big stressers every year is wondering what I can give to all my neighbors and friends that is cute, creative and doesn’t break my Christmas Budget! I have found so many cute ideas for cheap neighbor gifts from other great bloggers, and I thought I would share!

May these ideas lighten your holiday load this year! Please follow all the links for complete instructions and more pics of each of these cheap neighbor gifts idea. Enjoy!

FYI this post contains affiliate links in which I get a small commission at NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR YOU! I hope you enjoy these great cheap neighbor ideas!

20 Cheap Neighbor Gifts

#1 – DIY Clementine Wreaths by Omiyage Blogs

Super cute and super easy!! You can get clear cellophane here  or red colored cellophane here. 

DIY Clementine Wreaths by Omiyage Blogs

#2 – Wrapping Paper and tape w/ cute card by It’s Always Craft Time

Get your wrapping paper and tape ahead of time to create these adorable gifts for your neighbor. Here is some cute Christmas wrapping paper and also don’t forget the tape. I personally would love this gift! It’s useful and won’t take up space because I will use it all! 

adorable gifts for your neighbor

#3 – “TWIZZ” The Season to be Jolly by The Dating Divas

Who doesn’t love twizzlers?? So cute! Click the link above for this adorable printable to go with it. Get your twizzlers here and choose from a variety of options!!


#4 – Salsa or Nacho Cheese Gift from Pebbles in My Pocket

Yum Yum Yum!! Love this cute idea! Again click the link above for the printable!! Get your salsa here.

Salsa or Nacho Cheese Gift from Pebbles in My Pocket

#5 – Santa-Tizer Gift from Paper Jewels

Awesome gift that we will all use!! Fantastic!

Salsa or Nacho Cheese Gift from Pebbles in My Pocket

#6 – “Hope you have enough energy to Make it Through the Holidays” by How Does She

HA HA! How many times have you opened it up and the instructions say, “BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED” Such a great idea with a funny twist. Get your batteries here



#7 – “There Ain’t Muffin Like Good Friends” by Pebbles in My Pocket

So delicious! My kids love these! You can find them here.

muffin gift

#8 – “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas From the Ding Dongs Next Door!”  by One of a Kind Gift Ideas

(Idea found in Deseret News)


#9 – Dinner in a Mug by Creative Capital B 

Best places I’ve every found for cute mugs is the dollar store!

Neighbor gift ideas

#10 -Tic Tac Christmas Labels by Somewhat Simple

This is what we give my mother in-law to carry in her purse! So much better for my kids than gum that gets stuck in the carpet!

Tic Tac Christmas Labels by Somewhat Simple

#11 – Soda-Lighted You’re My Neighbor by Love the Day

Soda-Lighted You're My Neighbor by Love the Day

#12- Have a “Holly Jolly” Christmas by Mud Pie Studio

Grab these cute printables on the above link and grab jolly ranchers here.

Have a "Holly Jolly" Christmas by Mud Pie Studio


#13 – Christmas M&M Poem

I love this idea so much! I love gifts that have a meaning behind it! 

#14- Paper towel Gift with Printable by Crafts Re-Designed

Yet another great practical gift!

Here are some paper towels for you that can be delivered to your doorstep!

Paper towel Gift

#15 -We Could All Use a “Little Extra Dough” gift by How Does She

sugar cookies gift

#16- Merry Christmas to a “Grate” Neighbor by Mel Designs

Seriously! Oh so cute!

Merry Christmas to a "Grate" Neighbor by Mel Designs

#17 – Snowman Soap Neighbor Gift by Keeping it Simple

Here is a wide variety of soaps here for you to pull this cheap neighbor gift off in no time!!

Snowman Soap Neighbor Gift


#18 – Diet Coke “Geyser” Gift  by FLIPZLES

(This one is my favorite!)

Diet Coke "Geyser" Gift  by FLIPZLES

#19 -“Extra” Special Blessings Gift by Mud Pie Studios

“EXTRA extra read all about it” in the link above! Here is a plethora of extra gum options for you as well!

"Extra" Special Blessings Gift by Mud Pie Studios





#20 – Joy Soap Gift by Pebbles in My Pocket

joy soap






#21 – Snowman Soup by Ginger Snap Crafts

Oh this is so cute! The poem is so fun! Check it out!














I hope you got some fun ideas for some cheap neighbor gifts for this Christmas Season! Enjoy!