You Know You’re From A Big Family When. . .

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As you may have already realized, we’re a pretty big family. We started out with what we thought were large families of 7 and 8, but when we combined to 15 we realized it was a whole new ball game. We certainly haven’t always been friends and it hasn’t always been easy, but as we’ve all grown up we’ve come to realize just how important each family member is to our whole.

At family gatherings we especially love taking trips down memory lane and remembering all the good times we’ve had as separate and combined large families. Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in a large family? Well we’ve decided to give you a little glimpse into ours. Hilarious! Totally relates to our family. You Know You're From A Big Family When...

You Know You’re From A Big Family When. . .

You have to eat quick or you don’t eat.

You have to rent out an event center for family gatherings

Your parents have to use their toes now when counting kids

You learned how to drive on a 15 passenger van.

Every one says you have a loud voice and you realize it’s because you’re used to competing with 14 other voices.

You aren’t allowed to lock the bathroom door when showering so that your siblings can still use the restroom.

Your wardrobe passes through 4+ people

You get holes in your clothes and mom sews a patch instead of getting new clothes. And when you do get “new” clothes they are either hand-me-downs from your older siblings or clothes from your local thrift store.
shoe browsing in a thrift store
The rules and discipline change from oldest to youngest and the youngest gets away with things the oldest got grounded for.

Your family takes up the entire center pew in church

Your entire middle shelf in your refrigerator is dedicated to milk and you go through 5+ gallons a week. 

You’re panicking because your low on milk with one gallon left. 

You’re not entirely sure what your name actually is because your mom says at least 5 other names when she’s calling for you.

The “kid’s table” is a permanent feature at your home – not just for thanksgiving.

When you go off to college or get married and you always have leftovers because you don’t know how to make meals for 2. And you only know how to buy in BULK.pinto-beans-356622_1280

Family photos? Prepare for the longest day of your life.

The oldest child is old enough to be the youngest child’s mother. 

It takes 2-3 cars for any road trip and your parents never stop counting heads the entire trip.

Parent Teacher Conference is an all day event.

Never. Enough. Hot. Water.

You celebrate multiple siblings birthdays each month.

Opening gifts on Christmas takes hours but you’re only opening one every 30-45 minutes.

Groceries and Holidays require a 2nd mortgage.

Coughs, colds, and runny noses are an every day occurrence.

Toilet paper holder is ALWAYS empty. But don’t worry, the next person will replace it.

Group texts. Just don’t even get me started. Someone wont stop talking, someone’s at work getting a billion notifications, someone never responds but reads them all, and there’s most likely some unfortunate stranger who’s been included because they have one of your siblings old number. The poor soul. 

Guest Room? What’s that?

You grow up and you find that your best friends are your brothers and sisters.

family photo

Having a large family has been one of the greatest adventures. Though it hasn’t always been easy, none of us would trade it for the world. If you’re from a large family too, share this with your siblings for a good chuckle and add to our list in the comments!