One on One time with child! Important Unbirthdays!

The UNBIRTHDAY Every Child Needs

Growing up, birthdays were not a big thing in my family. We didn’t have a great big extravagant party, or get tons of gifts. My mother would make us whatever we wanted for dinner, followed by a few gifts. Honestly, I don’t remember the items that I received on my birthdays as I grew up. However, the thing I do remember is going out to eat with just my parents and I. Growing up in a family of 8 kids, as you can imagine, having one on one time with Mom and Dad was few and far between. Our birthday dinner was special. It is what I remember the most about my birthday.

One on One time with child! Important Unbirthdays!

I recently visited my brother and his wife where we spent time talking and laughing til late at night (ok if you can call 11:00 pm late…..bah ha ha). They shared with us such a fabulous idea that I fell in love with. Every month they have an unbirthday with each of their kids. On their unbirthday that child gets to stay up with Mom and Dad for an extra 20-30 minutes.


Think of that precious 20 minutes you get to spend one on one with that child! The great part is that the child gets to choose anything they want to do during that 20 minutes. My husband and I have decided we are going to incorporate this great tradition in our home. I love the idea so much, and I know my boys will go crazy over the idea!

Here are 16 ideas your kids could choose from:

  1. Play a board game/card game
  2. Create/eat ice cream sundays
  3. Make cookies
  4. Read a book together
  5. Take selfies and play with the features on snap chat (HA HA)
  6. Just talk
  7. Build Lego creations
  8. Play with dolls
  9. Shoot hoops
  10. Play catch
  11. Listen to music
  12. Have a staring contest (my boys love this)
  13. Paint each others nails (Sigh…..I don’t have this luxury with only having boys. I did paint their toenails once and then they learned Dad was on his way home! My son had a meltdown wanting his polish off HA HA)
  14. Watch an episode of some TV show
  15.  Take a walk outside
  16. Watch the stars

The list could go on and on. Taking the time to spend one on one with your child shows that child that they are IMPORTANT! Spending time with my parents one on one is truly one of the only things I remember getting for my birthday each year. It was a treat. Having an unbirthday with your kids will be something they look forward to and will never be forgotten. My brother said their kids never let them forget their unbirthday! Enjoy! This time may be some of the best memories your kids may have with you!!

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