Classy Thanksgiving Party Favors to Inspire Gratitude

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These table party favors add a special touch to your annual Thanksgiving gathering. It says to everyone present, “This day is different than most days of the year.” It’s a day when everyone stops and says thanks … for everything. So, let’s encourage the attitude of gratitude with these classy and simple DIY table favors.

Card, candy, bag, pumpkins
Classy Thanksgiving dinner table favor.

Gather/print supplies for table party favors

Much of your supplies can be purchased at any craft store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Here’s a list below:

scissors, candy, treat bags, labels
Supplies needed to make your own Thanksgiving table party favors.

Fill and tie candy bags

I chose lots of fun autumn-themed candy that just remind you of the fall time. So, naturally I bought some M&Ms, candy corn and caramels. The more sugar the better, right? Fill each treat bag with a variety of candies.

M&Ms, caramels, pumpkins
Candies for the table party favors.

Then, just tie the bags shut with about 12-inch pieces of twine.
twine, candy, bag
Twine used to tie each candy bag shut.

Attach labels and embellishments

Now place the “I’m thankful for” stickers to the front of the place cards and then the interior labels on the inside of the place cards.

name, paper, place card, hand
Interior labels for the table party favor place cards.

Leave some pens on scattered on the table as well. Then just watch as your guests start brainstorming all that they are grateful for.

pumpkin, place card
Thanksgiving table favors.

You can have a large bowl or container on or near the buffet table where people can drop their cards. Then sometime during the Thanksgiving festivities, you can pull out the cards and read them in front of everyone. It will definitely spark some grateful hearts and make you thankful for everything you have been blessed with.

plate, place card, candy, table favors
Thanksgiving table favor

We hope this may inspires happy and grateful hearts to all of your loved ones this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

To pin this Thanksgiving party favor for later use the image below

Thanksgiving Party Favors to Inspire Gratitude

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