30 of the Best Ideas to Announce your Pregnancy

There are so many cute pregnancy announcements out there. I think I spent hours on both Pinterest and Google searching through all the fun, creative ways to announce your pregnancy while I was trying to decide on mine. Amidst the searching, I compiled a list of all my favorites that seemed the most creative. Here they all are in one place. Feel free to share your own fun ideas in the comments!30 best pregnancy announcement ideas

Here are your 30 ideas for Pregnancy Announcements!!

1.Ice Ice Baby

ICE ICE BABY Pregnancy Announcements Image comes from Pinterest
                                           ICE ICE BABY Pregnancy Announcements Image comes from Pinterest

2. For Sale

Super cute way to announce a pregnancy.Source

3. We are “Prego”

We are Prego Pregnancy Announcement Image comes from Pinterest
We are Prego Pregnancy Announcement Image comes from Pinterest



4. Twins

We are expecting twins Pregnancy Announcement Image comes from Pinterest
We are expecting twins Pregnancy Announcement Image comes from Pinterest


5. Movie Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

6.Timeline Collage

Timeline Collage Pregnancy Announcement


7. Prayed and He Answered

We Prayed and He answered

8. Pink or Blue Ryhme

Pregnancy Announcement Pics - Could be Pink Could be Blue

9.Timeline Sidewalk

Timeline Sidewalk

10. Tricycle

Tricycle Pregnancy Announcement

11. Bump Ahead


12. Math Equation/Chalkboards

baby news 4 How to announce baby news (21 photos)

13.Pregnancy Reading Material

baby news 9 How to announce baby news (21 photos)


14. April Showers bring BABY BOY

April Showers bring BABY BOY

15.Shoes (Also great for siblings)

Shoes (Also great for siblings)

16. Ready to Pop!

Ready to Pop!


17. Kissing Mom/Kissing Baby

Kissing Mom/Kissing Baby

18. Chalkboard drawing

Chalkboard drawing

19. Hello, My Name Is…

Hello, My Name Is...(This one is mine!)

20. First Comes Love…

First Comes Love...

21.Cups (I did a baby bottle in the middle for mine)

Cups (I did a baby bottle in the middle for mine)

22. Big Sister

Big Sister

23. “Three of us in the photo…”

"Three of us in the photo..."

24. Photo Booth Surprise

(You could also surprise your husband this way as well: hold up a sign saying you’re pregnant in 3rd picture down and catch his reaction in the last photo!)

pregnancy announcement

25. Coming Soon Thought Bubble

Coming Soon Thought Bubble

Fun Ways to Tell your husband:

26. M&M’s

(You can personalize whatever words you want on them! SO cool!!)

Fun Ways to Tell your husband pregnancy-announcement
M&M’s website

27. Delivered Pizza

I thought this was kind of cheesy (pun intended, hee hee) at first but then I thought how you could have them deliver it with the words already written in and your husband is the one to answer the door and pay for it. Fun way to announce a pregnancy - Delivered Pizza

28. Pregnancy Test

Creative ways to tell husband you are pregnant - Pregnancy Test

29. Have him get the mail…

This is what I did for my husband. I stuck the book “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” in our mailbox along with a card that said, “Congratulations, you’re finally going to be a daddy!”. When he got home I asked him if he’d go get the mail. We had been trying for over a year and he totally cried. 😉
Have him get the mail... - Letterbox, Letter, Mail, Box, Postbox, Mailbox

30. Coming SOON 

Coming SOON


Pregnancy announcements are only the beginning of an amazing journey your are about to take! Good luck!

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