Surviving First Trimester Blues

Are first trimester blues a thing? YES! KEEP READING

“I just wanted the glow. The one that they promise you on the cover of those magazines. Well, I’m calling it – pregnancy sucks. Making a human being is really hard. I have no control over my body or my emotions.” 
-Wendy from What to Expect When You’re Expecting

 I love that quote because as happy as I was to finally be pregnant, boy was I in for a shock during that first trimester! Oh, morning sickness (Or… if you’re anything like me, ALL DAY sickness). I really don’t think anything could have possibly prepared me for the three months of throwing up and nausea that I experienced.

First trimester depression is hard and a real thing. Nausea, loneliness, exhaustion can all be parts of the first trimester. Here is some help on how to deal with it emotionally.


My husband and I tried to conceive naturally for over a year and eventually got pregnant on our first cycle at a fertility center here in Utah. We were so excited to finally be parents.

At about 6 weeks into my pregnancy, my nausea first kicked in. I thought, “alright, here we go! This is all part of the process!” I knew I’d get sick, and I knew I’d probably throw up. I guess I must’ve thought it would come and go instead of actually throwing up 2-4 times a day and feeling like I’d throw up the rest of the day, 24/7 for 3 months.

My husband had just started a new job and I was too sick to go to work myself. Day after day I worried over little things like how I would get out of bed to make something to eat or if I’d be able to take a shower without throwing up. I’d bribe my sister weekly to come over and help make meals.

After a month and half of this, I remember sitting out on our front porch and feeling so alone and depressed that I couldn’t take care of myself or be a “good wife”.

I couldn’t go to work, go grocery shopping, make meals, or clean the house. Before I got pregnant I had always felt like a pretty independent person, and I really struggled having to rely on other people for what seemed like such menial things.

I kept telling myself, “other woman have it worse”  or “at least I’m not in the hospital on IV’s” but these thoughts only made me feel weaker that I was struggling so much.  I felt like I wasn’t being  grateful enough for finally being pregnant or that I wasn’t as strong as the other woman out there who seemed to handle pregnancy really well.

My hope is that this post doesn’t come across too negative but instead helps woman who are going through the same thing and feeling similar feelings.

During my first trimester I read article after article of ways to ease the nausea but eventually all I really wanted was an article or website where I could read of other women who were struggling just as much as I was. I needed advice on how to handle it emotionally. 

I felt like I couldn’t relate with any of my pregnant friends because they weren’t as sick or at least they seemed to handle it all with a skip in their walk and a sparkle in their eye.

It’s so easy to feel discouraged when you feel so sick and weak for what seems like forever. ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time around, not knowing when it will end. You hear horror stories of woman who throw up their entire pregnancy or of the first one being the longest and hardest. 

I remember talking with my pregnant sister-in-law when I was ten weeks and her telling me she was finally coming out of the sick stage in her second trimester. This of course made me want to break down and bawl my eyes out.

My tenth week was the hardest for me emotionally because I’d just endured a month of throwing up and dealing with constant nausea. I couldn’t see myself being strong enough to endure another month (or more).

Because I struggled so much physically and emotionally during my first trimester, I thought I would offer 5 suggestions of how to get through those first trimester blues.

(Please remember that I am clearly not a doctor so please please talk to one if you have questions or concerns about your own pregnancy.)

6 Things to help you survive the first trimester blues!! 

#1 Remember that you’re strong!!

I put this as number 1 because I think for all of the first timers out there, that had no idea what to expect out of pregnancy, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you aren’t cut out for this like other woman are. You have to remember that every one experiences it differently.

Some woman don’t get sick at all or only feel nauseous every once in a while while others deal with constant nausea and/or throwing up. Just because your friend is able to work full time while pregnant and your biggest accomplishment is showering every 3 days does not mean she’s stronger than you or can handle being pregnant better than you.

It’s simply not true. You are both experiencing pregnancy differently and there is nothing wrong with that on either end.

#2 Visitors

Have I mentioned yet how incredible lonely I was that first trimester? I felt like I was put on bed rest by my own body. I couldn’t work and driving anywhere only made me more sick. My husband worked late every evening and I found myself craving social interactions.

If you’re home bound like I was or if you begin to feel lonely as well, get people over to visit! Fortunately for me, I have a large family so I would invite one person over every couple of days just to sit and chat or watch a movie with me.

Being sick is always harder when you’re alone. You’re closest friends and family aren’t going to care if you look gross or if you need to run out of the room to empty your stomach a couple of times during their visit. Surprisingly, I always felt better when I had someone there with me and maybe that’s because they helped take my mind off of how sick I was. Which leads me too…

#3 Distractions

I’ve always joked with my sisters that If I were to ever give anyone advise on morning sickness it would be, “Enjoy the ride.  Invest in Netflix, Hulu, and whatever other movie site there is out there because this is going to seem like the longest 3+ months of your life!”

It’s pathetic advise, I know. But I’ll be honest, I think I watched What to Expect When You’re Expecting twice and every season of Burn Notice and Drop Dead Diva as well. Whatever I could find that would distract me from that awful feeling of needing to throw up, I was all in.

Find what that is for you. Whether it’s a good book, visitors, movies, TV shows, blogging, or going to work, I say do it! Anything is better than just sitting there, feeling sick and alone. If anyone calls you lazy, ignore it. It’s not like this is a 24 hour flu! Be as productive as you possibly can when you feel good and when you don’t feel good, do what works best for you to keep the food and fluids down.

#4 Don’t be afraid to ask your doctors for help!

Around that tenth week, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be able to get out of my bed, back to my job, and back to being a good wife. I had an appointment coming up and I was determined to ask for something to help the nausea. None of my natural methods seemed to help and though I hated hated haated the idea of resorting to a prescription I couldn’t take it any longer.

I was causing my body so much stress and I laid in bed all day to keep fluids down so I wouldn’t end up on IV’s. I went into my doctor and in the middle of telling him how awful I was feeling he kept saying things like,”great!”, “that’s what we like to hear”, or “ya some woman have to be put on IV’s and that’s normal too”. 

I watched my courage fly right out the window and decided I wouldn’t continue “complaining” or ask for anything because apparently, even if I was hospitalized this was all normal and I just needed to buck up and handle this on my own. I felt so discouraged all over again.

Let me reiterate my #1 point in that you are not weak if you decide you need Zofran, Diclegis, or some other prescription meant to help ease morning sickness. Why else would they have created medicine meant specifically to help pregnant woman with their nausea and vomiting?

I think my doctor meant well and he probably would have easily prescribed me something had I asked but instead, I let discouragement and comparison get the best of me and I endured through the rest of my first trimester in bed. Don’t be like me in this case! Talk to your doctor and see what all is available and safe if you’re feeling like you need something to help you function again. Hopefully you find something that works!

#5 Take a deep breath!

Oh goodness, I can’t tell you how many times my sisters told this to me. I worried over everything. If you’re reading article after article about all the things you should be taking and its making you discouraged because you can’t keep any of it down, maybe chill with all that research and take a deep breath for a second. 

I couldn’t keep my pre-natals down ever, or any pill for that matter (Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc…). I also couldn’t stomach any seemingly healthy foods because my appetite was so limited. For some reason Mac & Cheese (ya… the boxed stuff) always sat well with my stomach and so my husband bought it in bulk and I think I ate it close to every day (lets make this a judge free zone ladies…).

I really hated water because it didn’t always sit well but I tried to sip it as much as I could and drank watered down Gatorade. Of course I then was constantly worrying that my baby wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed and that it would be all my fault if something horrible happened because I wasn’t eating “healthy”.

I voiced my concerns to my doctor, and many other woman, and was told over and over again that this was totally normal in the first trimester. It was more important that I kept whatever I could down (especially fluids!) and worry about the other stuff when I felt better.  The baby will pull whatever nutrients it needs from you. Take a deep breath and if you’re feeling really anxious about what you should and shouldn’t be eating/drinking, call in and talk to your nurse or doctor about it!

I’m adding an additional one just because even though sometimes it feels like “pregnancy sucks” (as Wendy so humorously put it),

#6 There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

You have a beautiful human being growing inside of you! Your sacrifice is going to be well worth it in the end when you’re holding that little bundle of joy. Since I never knew when my morning sickness would subside, I would sometimes try to take it all just one day at a time.

I found that if I was constantly thinking about how far away my second trimester was or how long the pregnancy would be, I would start feeling disheartened or hopeless. Try to stay in the present and find a positive light to every hard moment. Keep your chin up, you can do this and you’re going to be an awesome Mom!!

If you have more suggestions to add to the list, that helped you through your own pregnancy blues, please comment them below! I know I personally would have loved to read other women’s advise during this emotional roller coaster.

Also, I found this man’s perspective of understanding morning sickness really funny and totally spot on. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth the read!

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117 thoughts on “Surviving First Trimester Blues”

  1. Ohhh…bless you for this. I’m 10.5 weeks with my second and am confined to my couch or bed. So, so sick. I feel like a terrible wife/mom, but am hoping it will pass quickly. I know I’m not alone, but so appreciate this post and hearing someone else’s story. THANK YOU!

  2. Such a great post. Thank you, Karine. When I was pregnant with Patrick (and still nursing Kedric), I literally had to crawl from one place to another, so sick and weak I was.

    I love this blog, by the way!

  3. Wow! This post brought back memories (my baby is 4!) #6 is what I kept telling myself throughout all 3 pregnancies. Though it can suck for a few months, you have a lifetime of joy that comes from a child. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  4. Pop tarts. And my OB, God bless her, said she didn’t care what I ate, if I could keep it down. People always say you forget how awful being pregnant is, but I won’t forget vomiting so violently that I peed my pants. Good times.

  5. I hate that we let those feelings creep in only to make us feel awful emotionally when we feel so sick physically! I’m sure you are a wonderful wife AND mom! Hoping your sick days are over real soon Ashley!

  6. Thank heavens for people like that who can put our worries to ease about what we eat during those sick days! I totally did poptarts too, Ha ha! And I’ve also been told that you forget how awful being sick was! So far, it’s pretty engraved in my memory, so we will see! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I was going to write a similar blog post, but you summarized much better than I ever could. This is completely emotionally exhausting. Its unrelenting. I told my husband just this weekend I feel like my body has put my on bedrest. Unfortunately, I need to work 9 hours a day still. I was not a superhero, and signed up for Zofran around week 12. Then, insurance wouldn’t cover it anymore. For an entire agonizing month, I had to work feeling the exact same way you did. I know I haven’t pushed the kid out yet, but I feel like that will probably be the hardest thing I’ll ever do. Luckily, insurance approved my reconsideration 2 days ago, and I’ve been on Zofran again.

    I too am a 6′ tall soon to be Momma, and I very much appreciate you sharing this!

  8. Congrats on your first baby Brianna! Hopefully your sick days are becoming less and less so you can enjoy this time before baby arrives! I’ve been feeling the same feelings in regards to the actual delivery part! Best of luck to both of us huh?? 😉 So glad to hear your insurance approved the zofran again! I can’t imagine working 9 hour days while feeling so so awful.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this… I’m 25 weeks pregnant and have been feeling SO darn discouraged lately. My first trimester was a nausea nightmare, now I’m dealing with dizziness, can’t sleep, everything is sore…I just want to feel “normal” for one day! My 2nd trimester is by no means the “honeymoon trimester” everyone talks about. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  10. Thanks for the comment Katie! I’m so sorry it’s been a difficult pregnancy for you as well! Just a few weeks ago I was watching a youtube video of people water skiing and I thought to myself, “I’ll never be able to do that again.” Isn’t that so silly? You go for so long not feeling “normal” and you start to think you’ll never feel normal again! But we will! And we’ll get a beautiful baby out of all this that will make it all worth it! My heart goes out to you girl! Hopefully you start feeling better!! You are definitely not alone.

  11. Bless you! I agree 1000%. I also had a difficult first trimester- I couldn’t even keep water down. My best friends were french fries and coke and rarely, very rarely did I manage to much on some blueberries or grapes. I felt horribly guilty for not following the uber healthy food plan i created for myself before i got pregnant. And I totally hated all the people who kept telling me I shouldn’t care I am sick because having a baby is such a blessing or that I should stop complaining about feeling sick because pregnancy is a miracle not a disease…I felt horrible physically and mentally, just trying to get through another day. I felt so guilty and weak and sad. And then guilty again. And I felt like nobody understood me. If only i would have found your article sooner! Thank you for sharing it- it really helped me deal with the residual guilt I felt from the first trimester. We are 28 weeks now and though nausea still hits from time to time, I can handle it so much better 🙂

  12. It is nice to read something encouraging for once, instead of scary things about diseases etc. as I am getting used to these days! I am 10-12 weeks pregnant with my first child (never know how to count!!), and lucky not to be as sick as you, be still nauseous at least half the day, struggling to eat because nothing seems “safe” for my stomach and good to eat… I am really exhausted physically and mentally, and still need to go to work and try to concentrate on it instead of on my stomach and my need to sleep… let’s say I’m not really productive these days! Makes me really feel guilty to feel so weak, even though I try to keep this thought out of my mind! I feel horrible writing this, but for now I feel like if something bad happened to the baby, I am not sure I would have enough strength to start all this all over again 🙁 ! I also agree with the loneliness, my husband and I are french, and in the US since less than a year, without any family or friends to help or support us… Thank you for making me feel a little less alone…

  13. Nexora!

    Thanks for the comment! I totally understand all of those feelings and I’m POSITIVE we are not alone on that. I felt the same way in my first trimester, that if anything were to happen to the baby, I didn’t know if I’d have the physical and emotional strength to try again for a very long time. I think those are totally normal thoughts when you feel so weak, sick, and tired. I was fortunate enough to have family and friends close by… I can’t imagine being in a different country and dealing with all of those feelings by myself. I also joined a couple of birth forums on facebook for more encouragement if you have that available to you! You are amazing and it will get better!! Hoping your second trimester is better than your first girl!

  14. Thank you for your comment Miha!! I feel so much better about my first trimester when I hear of others who had some of the exact same thoughts as me! All of those changing hormones can really mess with your mind and make you feel like a horrible person! I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!! So excited for our little ones to finally be here!

  15. Thank you Sarah!! As sad as it makes me to know other woman felt some of the same, awful things I did, I’m so glad to know I wasn’t alone!

  16. Bless you for sharing this, and for all who have shared their experiences in the comments. At 10.5 weeks and heading into the Christmas season, it’s all I can do to stay in bed every moment I don’t have to be at work. We have not yet shared our news with friends and family, so the whole experience has been somewhat isolating this far. Thank goodness for my doting husband and the support of kind souls like you!

  17. Oh Karine, how awful this must have been for you. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant and even though I have been pretty much constantly nauseous since week 5, so far I managed to keep it in. Be it only just sometimes. For me, eating crackers settles my stomach which made the nausea bearable. The first trimester hurdle that floored me is the lack of energy. Exhaustion is totally restraining me from doing anything. Even now at 13 weeks. All in all that first trimester is no picnic!

  18. Thank you so much! All my friends are having a magical easy pregnancy. I have felt so helpless and weak. It cheered me up to know the simple fact that I am not alone.What helps me on my good days is looking at baby clothes. It keeps me excited for my soon to be role as a mom. Thank you again!

  19. I am almost 8 weeks and the nausea and vomiting hit me hard this week. I had to call out of my internship 3 days this week because I was just so weak. I am getting the blues a bit as well because it’s hard to see that this will end soon hopefully and I feel like a slug. My husband sent me your blog and it came just at the right moment! Thank you for sharing it’s good to hear it from someone else!

  20. I’m so sorry to hear it’s been an especially tough week for you Jess! It can be so hard not to let the blues come in when you’re so sick and weak. Hoping the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!!

  21. That’s how I felt about FOOD…”I’ll never be able to enjoy a steak again” You go so long without eating some of your favorite foods that it feels like it’ll never be appetizing again!

  22. Thank you for understanding me! I am feeling so useless! This is my second baby, and I don’t remember the first one being this hard. This post really helped me. Thank you thank you thank you.

  23. I’ve been struggling with constant nausea and exhaustion since 6 weeks (now 8 weeks) and already finding it unbearable. I’m lucky enough to work from home but still feel too ill to work most days and find myself zonked out in bed most of the time. It’s hard when there are so many women who use language such as ‘pregnancy is not an illness’ etc when they’ve managed to escape morning sickness which is right but it certainly feels like it when so lack lustre. In fact feel like ive got a virus/sea sickness all the time. Hoping feel better in few weeks. Never expected first tri to be this bad.

  24. Oh Alison! I’m sorry it’s been so awful for you! I totally know the feeling of being “zonked out in bed most of the time”. My husband would go to work and come back to find me in the same spot in bed that he left me in. Pregnancy can sure feel like the worst kind of illness, especially in that first trimester. Hoping your nausea and exhaustion soon subside girl!! Until then, just relax and dream of that sweet baby you’ll soon hold!

  25. You’re so welcome Karen! Just know that you are NOT useless. Your body is working extremely hard every day to create and develop a human being. Hoping it eases up for you and that you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Congrats on #2! 🙂

  26. I endured two pregnancies with hyperemesis gravidarum (the type of severe morning sickness you describe). With my second pregnancy I demanded Zofran as soon as my first wave of nausea and vomiting hit. Now PG with #3 and I think I’m having “normal people morning sickness” – so I don’t feel good, food tastes weird, etc. but I haven’t vomited yet and it is definitely manageable.

    It’s funny, if I had never been through HG I would tell people – yep, I’m sick all the time. But this morning sickness is NOTHING like my past two pregnancies.

    Ladies, if you are so sick and weak that you are bedridden, unable to work or do anything at home, and keeping pretty much nothing down – been there done that – PLEASE make sure your doctor/midwife knows that your nausea is debilitating and request medication. Zofran is a LIFESAVER. HG is a real medical condition. You are not weak. You are not a bad mom.

    My heart goes out to all of you suffering from unrelenting nausea!

  27. This article helped me so much! Thank you! Thank you! Everything you stated from the emotional spectrum is exactly how I’ve been feeling and I’m only 7 Weeks pregnant. I literally was trying to hold back tears to know someone out there and other woman are relating to how I feel everyday in this hard, first time pregnant, and 1st Trimester ! I’m going to continue to re-read this article every time I feel like I’m down on my luck !

  28. I am about 8 weeks into my first pregnancy. Severely nauseous since week 5! I am a new graduate nurse due to start my first hospital job (12 hour shifts) on Monday and at this point I can’t even function or drive and this is Saturday. Diclectin isn’t working. Maxeran isn’t working neither is frequent meals, crackers, sour candies or all the other cliches I’ve been told to try. I am starting to get very fustrated and discouraged and fear I may have to forfeit my first job unaware of what the consequences of this will be. I pray it starts to get better soon but can’t see it right now 🙁

  29. It was a welcome pick me up finding your blog this morning. As my 11th week draws to a close I had a really tearful start to my fourth consecutive day of feeling, and mostly being, sick. This is my first pregnancy and I had no idea things could be this bad. Much like everyone else I have days where I am running to the toilet every 15 minutes and when things aren’t that bad I still generally suffer sickness for the first 4 hours after I wake and the last 4 before I go to bed. Absolutely nothing has worked in terms of food or drink to quell the queasiness or stop the vomiting. I’m on to my second prescription of tablets from the Dr but have stopped taking them because they do nothing. When I do force myself to eat (yes that’s right, I have absolutely no appetite or desire to eat anything despite being a former food lover) I can only eat plain dry food such as toast or rich tea biscuits. Everyone keeps telling me I need to eat more healthily but at the moment there’s no chance of that happening! I’m desperately hoping that the rumours are true and that I will see an improvement between weeks 14 and 16 because I’m not sure I can survive another 6 months of feeling like this.
    Here’s to all the other mums to be, hoping we all feel better in time x

  30. Thank you so much for the pick me up! I really needed to read this… I’m pregnant with my second baby and having a hard first trimester. I am happy that I’m not working full time this time around but it is so hard having a active 17 month old. The guilt , the guilt , the guilt. Nauseous and puking all day doesn’t make for a fun mommy or wife.
    It’s hard to fight the feeling of being so useless when you are puking all day and not getting anything done.
    Thank you again for putting your story and advice out there! Great tips!

  31. So glad you found my post Ellie-May! I was the same way with the prescription the doctor gave me. I couldn’t tell if they just weren’t working or if they weren’t working because I was throwing them up. Hoping you’re feeling better and that the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!!

  32. Oh Vicki! I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling better and that everything turned out alright with your job. It can be so discouraging when you don’t know how long you’ll be sick. Sending you lots of love and best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!!

  33. So glad I found this. As I read this I had tears falling the whole time! I finally felt like someone understood what I am going through.

    We tried to get pregnant naturally for a year before we conceived with Clomid. So when we were finally pregnant we were both just overjoyed. Like you, around week 6 the nausea kicked in. On week 8 now. After 2.5 weeks of feeling useless and week I hit my breaking point this week.

    I’ve started taking diclegis now and it seems to help. Hoping I can start to feel more human as the second trimester gets closer.

    Thank you for the advice!

  34. 7. Plan a vacation!

    I know this post is a bit old but I have been desperately scouring the internet in search of THIS. I just wanted to know that someone has felt what I am going through! I am currently in the pit of the 10th week blues and don’t feel the need to expand because my level of sickness, emotions and frustrations are completely parallel. Thank you for sharing this and especially the tips! My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and finaaaaallly did but my excitement has completely vanished. I feel horribly ungrateful for this blessing we have prayed so hard for. Something that has been amazingly (mentally) helpful is planning a second trimester vacation! My heaven sent husband immediately agreed that we could find the time and money to take a vacation and told me to plan away. Every time I start feeling down I just google cheap flights and beach front hotels. Hang in there ladies!

  35. This blog is a God send!! I am now at the end of 10th week( first baby with previous miscarriage in April) and I am feeling all these things. I have had constant nausea and vomiting have been taking zofran but it doesn’t help. I was just crying to my husband last night that I’m scared I’m not strong enough. I feel like a terrible wife not able to do anything and my husband will tell me he misses me. It feels so good to know that I’m not the only one who has felt like this!

  36. I’m sure you are a wonderful, beautiful wife Sarah! That 10th week can be such a downer. I’m realizing more and more from the comments on this post that there are SO many women who feel this way. You ARE strong enough! I hope you start feeling better so that you can enjoy growing that little one.

  37. AMEN Clara!! Thank you so much for sharing. Your comment made me teary reading it. My husband would dream up a vacation with me too when I was feeling especially down during those times.

  38. OMG!! this made me tear up and some yesssss!!! I’m on my second kid and that was 11 years ago, I didnt experience hardly anything. This pregnancy hs me laid out and i feel sooooooo horrible, I don’t wanna get dressed, cook dinner breath in air, turn over in the bed or move for anything. The Nausea is killing me. Its nice to know that I’m not just over acting.

  39. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in those feelings but I’m so sad for you being so miserable! Hope your nausea is over and done with very soon Gio!

  40. I cried my eyes out reading your post. This is my fourth pregnancy and the other three were a cakewalk compared to this…….thank you for making me feel like I’m not failing.

  41. Week 10. It seems to be getting worse. I have called in sick today but what about tomorrow? Teachers get such great holidays that we don’t really get much slack when it comes to needing sick days apparently at random. Also, I am head of department, so my team keeps calling me when things go wrong or they want to query something. Really, I just want to ignore the phone, but I never do.

    Symptoms wise, I have continuous nausea 24/7. I rarely vomit but dry retch constantly. I can’t open the fridge anymore because of the food smells.

    Usually, I can get through the day at work – just the fatigue and depression of feeling so awful catches up with me and I need a day or two to recover.

    I desperately want my baby but as I have had one blighted ovum, two miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy, I don’t hold out much hope. Even though, I am further along than previous pregnancies and I saw the heartbeat in week 8, which was also a first, there is a part of me that questions whether I am capable of producing a living, breathing child.

    In a week and a half, I will have my 12 weeks scan and hopefully, my mind will relax a little.

  42. wow! This is the first blog I’ve read that I can actually relate too and its comforting to know I’m not alone and everything you felt or went through with the morning sickness to not eating certain foods, water is out of the question. But thank you for sharing that as this is my first pregnancy and I’m in my first trimester and it hasn’t been an easy journey so far but am looking forward with joy to the rest of my pregnancy.

  43. Oh Kathy, I am so sorry to hear it has been such a hard journey for you!! Crossing my fingers and praying things will turn around for you, that you will feel better, and that baby continues to grow and develop healthy. We’re sending love and hugs your way lady!

  44. You are so not failing. Glad you found my post and can see by the comments that there are A LOT of woman who feel this way. You got this girl!

  45. What a blessing this post has been. I am 10 weeks and suffering from HG. Zofran takes an edge off but not completely. It’s been hard finding people that can relate. Burning up sick days in hopes of a turnaround in the next 2 weeks or so…. Thank you for your honest and relevant post. ??

  46. Sarah! I’m so sorry you’re feeling so miserable! 🙁 Glad you found us and can see so many other women struggle as well. You are not alone! Hoping you get your turnaround girl and a beautiful rest of your pregnancy! 🙂

  47. Thanks for sharing this post n your honest experience. I m 13 weeks pregnant n felt the same like you, but now I have a page to share n read about you.. It’s really inspiring n keeping us positive. Bless you.. 🙂

  48. Thank you so much for posting this!! I will reach 10 weeks tomorrow (first pregnancy) and have gone from extreme fatigue and weakness in the very beginning, which has since seemed to ease up ever so slightly, to now having ‘all day sickness.’ It is so comforting to know that I am not alone.

    Like many of you, I can’t cook or clean, and when I finally get through my work day, I want to cry from having had to sit there all day feeling so bad. I barely eat, but am trying to consider myself lucky that I can keep down what I do manage to eat. I am beginning to reach my breaking point and am starting to get really depressed about my inability to manage my life and marriage the way I used to. My husband is more than understanding, but it’s not helping the way I feel.

    Anyone who knows me, would know that I am not one to dwell or throw in the towel when feeling sick. Until recently I worked 3 jobs because I wanted too and in all the years I worked them, missed one day due to illness . ( I am sick frequently as I suffer from Chronic Sinusitis), but rarely skipped a beat or complained. I feel like a shell of myself and on top of all that constantly worry about my baby. Please know how much this article and hearing from everyone experiencing something similar has helped my fragility. It is so good to know I am not alone, even though I do feel that way sometimes.

  49. Gina, so glad you found us and were able to gain some comfort knowing you aren’t alone in this. There’s just something about being sick 24/7 for weeks and weeks, with no end in sight, that really does something to your mind and spirit. It’s hard to stay upbeat and positive. Kudos to you for even going to work. You are a strong woman! So sorry you hit that 10 week peak that seems to be the hardest. You can do this girl! Sending you lots of love and well wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy. I hope it eases up real soon!

  50. Thank God for all you guys…’s Halloween night and I’m sitting on the couch crying while my boyfriend is tricktor treating with our four year old…I am having twins and not sure how much longer I can bare feeling tired, sick and mentally checked out . The hardest thing has been No one understands and thinks I’m exaggerating so the support isn’t there. Maybe because I’m trucking on with a fake smile. ….thanks for sharing, it helps to know your not alone!

  51. In addition to the physical sickness I feel so disappointed in the people who I consider closer to with my first pregnancy I figured out who are really”friends” and dependable people….my feelings are crushed to see those who supposily know me best not be there. I 100% venting and emotional..sorry forr the word vomit!

  52. TWINS! Congratulations Mary! I’m sure it must be double hard growing two precious little ones. I’m so sorry you’re feeling like you don’t have the support you need. It can be hard for people to fully understand just how sick you really feel, especially when it’s ongoing. I really hope you start feeling better real soon! Wishing you the best for the remainder of your pregnancy girl!

  53. I can’t tell you how happy I am to know I’m not the only one feeling so depressed…. I can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel

  54. Exactly how I feel, word for word. Thank you for this. I haven’t read anything that even came close to how I feel, so its reassuring to hear your experience and the experience of others in this comments thread. First trimester really does feel never ending, I can’t even remember what it feels like to be normal. Day by day, that’s all we can do :).

  55. It really is great to hear other people are/were just as miserable as me right now! I am 9.5 weeks and I can completely agree with everything you said. I have tried to relate with all my friends who have kids and none of them were anything compared to me! And on top of it my husband is stationed in Germany so I’m sooo far away from my family right now. I really feel like it’s never going to end and I am so emotional reading this and now writing. I wake up everyday and pray it gets better at 13 weeks like everyone says. I can’t keep anything down and on top of it acid comes up like every 40 mins I honestly feel like I’m dying and never going to get through this!! I get sick if I eat, I get even more sick if I don’t eat. I know it is an amazing blessing though and when I look back it’s all gonna be worth it. Thank you so much for this!!

  56. This is a fabulous post! I know I’m nowhere near as bad as some ladies here, but still I’ve never coped well with nausea and tiredness anyway. I’m only just 6 weeks but have started with the 24/7 nausea and total exhaustion (I’m not sure which is worse at the moment!). Nobody except my husband and closest friend know yet and I keep making all sorts of silly mistakes at work that I wouldn’t normally make; I’m sure people are wondering!!! It really just helps to know that there are plenty of others out there who feel just as rotten! Thanks 🙂

  57. I also could have written this. I am 12+3 weeks and on Diclegis and still occasionally throwing up and always, always nauseous. I’d like to know when yours went away? Almost afraid to ask but I am trying to find similar stories of people who had it subside by the 2nd trimester.
    Thank you!

  58. Thank you for ur post i felt like crying while reading it, i m 8 weeks and i feel like my nauseas is so bad , i dont throw up and i wonder if throwing up would just make me feel better, nothing apetites me, water makes me worse, yesterday i felt great i even got to clean up a little bit but today back to normal, cant wait for this feeling to go away

  59. Thank you for such a wonderful post! Like so many of you have already said, it’s so uplifting to hear that I’m not the only one suffering through the first trimester. I’m only 6 weeks into my first pregnancy and all the fun symptoms of nausea and vomiting started at 4 weeks. It seems like with every passing day I can keep down fewer and fewer liquids and solids. I’m lucky now if anything stays down for more than an hour. It’s so hard to stay positive when I have barely enough energy to run to the bathroom and feeling like an ever increasing burden to my amazingly supportive husband. Reading this post has helped me refocus my thoughts to the light at the end of the tunnel and to stop beating myself up for not having the “perfect” pregnancy.

  60. So sorry to hear you’re still so nauseous and miserable on Diclegis. For some reason, that medication didn’t work at all for me. So my Nausea started to subside around week 14 and if I’m remembering correctly, I think it was totally gone by week 16. Hoping yours is gone by 2nd trimester too girl!!

  61. Hi I’m so glad I read ur post and all these great comments, I’m 8 wks pregnant today, this is my second pregnancy and all the symptoms you said you had I did and still do aswell, even though i wanted to share with you and other people how much cold showers have helped me with my náusea, that till 2 days ago have lasted 24/7 aswell, my mother in law who lives in Mexico gave me that very helpful idea, so I know that because we feel so so sick showers are the last thing on our minds but I can honestly say those cold showers are a big help.

  62. Belinda! How interesting! Thanks for the helpful tip! I never would have thought cold showers would help with the nausea.

  63. This is too good! I’m currently 6 weeks today! Doing paramedic school and working part time, the nausea is just killing me! I am never sure when or if I’m going to puke at all but I’m always feeling soo Nauseus that I’m scare to puke on myself or anyone around me ? I’m glad to be feeling all of this since I miscarried about 2 yrs ago at 9 weeks without ever having any symptoms but can’t wait for things to ease up a bit just a bit

  64. You’re right about that, the one good thing about the nausea was assuring me that things were going as they should. Wishing you the very best with this pregnancy Mariel!!

  65. There are literally NO words to express how happy I am that I found this thread. I am 8.5 weeks along with my first child and have been ill since going to the doctor in pure agony at week 4 when I found out. My sister suffered from HG in BOTH of her pregnancies and couldn’t even get out of bed on the highest dosage of Zofran allowed-it leaves me with this fear that this may not taper off in my second trimester; I feel, like all of you, that I don’t know how I will handle more months of ENDLESS nausea. It makes you feel so defeated and helpless. Just like everyone else, I feel so worthless when my husband comes home and I haven’t even been able to shower. I have no appetite and even water/gatorade KILL my stomach. I finally broke down the other day and just SOBBED because I am so tired of feeling sick 24/7-I wish so bad that I could feel “normal” even for just a few hours. I am on Zofran but it doesn’t help much. Luckily I do have my sister who can definitely relate but she isn’t local and has 2 kids under 3 so she never has time to talk. The thing I hate the most is that I haven’t gotten excited…NOT ONCE. It makes me feel awful because I know there are thousands of women that would give anything to endure this sickness, even for the whole 9 months, just to be able to conceive. It just makes me feel awful that I can’t get excited-what is wrong with me? I will say, I read somewhere to try and eat SOMETHING every single hour-even if its just two saltines and it has helped. Also, I was getting really lightheaded and started making sure I choke down some ginger ale because it has sugar. I feel way worse when my stomach is empty and my blood sugar has dropped. Also, for those of you that can tolerate gatorade…freeze some in ice trays and suck on them…the cold in your mouth is supposed to help and you get some electrolytes. Sorry for the long post, it feels so nice to read all of this and know I am not alone in feeling like this. It makes me sad that anyone has to experience it but it is comforting to have people “in the trenches”. Hopeful for better days for all of us! We are strong enough to get through all of it, even if its the whole 9 months, we are all Moms and that’s what we do now.

  66. We are so glad you found us! Oh man, you took me right back to that first trimester CMB. It’s so unbelievably hard physically, mentally, and emotionally for some of us. I was just starting to think maybe I was ready to start trying again when I got the flu the other week and it completely reminded me of what it was like for those seemingly endless months! I totally understand the lack of excitement and the guilt over that as well. Keep your head up and know you’re not alone. Really hoping your nausea eases up for you real soon. Great advice on the Gatorade in ice trays. Definitely going to try that next time around.

  67. Thank you so much for posting this! I am 7 weeks along with my first and I feel completely useless. I don’t want to eat anything, I’m exhausted and thinking about or smelling food makes me naseous. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one! I ask my husband everyday to remind me that I can get thru this. This was so encouraging to me today. Thank you so much!

  68. Thank-you. I am 9 weeks pregnant for the first time after trying for years. This is a dream come true yet for the past 3 weeks all I have done is cry every day. I don’t have morning sickness, but I just am so emotional and feel like i cant cope with anything. I am working but barely know how to make it through the day and accomplish just about nothing. Most of all I feel very alone even though I have quite a caring husband, I am not in my own country and just feel totally worried and sad all the time. Reading this really makes me feel like I am not alone and not useless for reacting to pregnancy the way I am.

  69. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is so nice to know I am not alone 🙂 I have been going through the same thing at 10.5 weeks pregnant and it is very difficult. This is my second pregnancy, and after a nauseating first trimester with twin girls I found out that they had not survived, just as my symptoms were subsiding. I am very scared this second time around, I am so sick that I have had to put my life on hold and I pray that this little one makes it.

  70. Thanks for posting!! I felt especially isolated, lonely, and depressed, before we shared our news with anyone. I felt like I was stuck forcing a smile because nobody knew why I was such a mess. Even now (at 10 weeks) its still depressing, but it was really encouraging to read your words and that I’m not alone!

  71. I’m so glad I read this. I was really down on myself because I couldn’t work or really get out of bed. I was always wondering if my husband thought I was just being lazy on purpose. My nausea took everything out of me.. I’ll hang in there. I’m glad I’m not alone.

  72. Thank you thank you thank you soooo much for this post!!! I so needed to read this today. I’ve been so down because, exactly like you, I haven’t been able to get out of bed since week 6 (I’m now approaching week 11) and I feel almost depressed about it. Just knowing that someone out there has gone through the same thing makes me feel worlds better.

    This will be my first baby, and I too struggled to get pregnant so it kills me that I feel like I can’t be happy right now. Reading this post has really helped lift my spirits.

  73. Dulce, So glad you found this post and that we could all lift your spirits! Hoping the nausea starts to ease up for you these next few weeks girl.

  74. That was one of the hardest parts for me Amanda, feeling like I was “lazy” because my body was refusing to allow me to do anything. You’re so not lazy and your body is going through so much creating life right now. Hang in there!

  75. Thanks for the article! Just like everyone else, I am tired of fear-mongering and tired of people asking “Aren’t you so excited?” No, I’m mostly just sick. I’m happy to be pregnant but it’s not really that much fun to be sick. I work full time (no choice, my husband stays home) and then just crawl into bed the rest of the time.

    One thing that has helped me is serving myself food in very small portions. Sometimes just looking at a large portion makes me feel sick, but a tiny one looks like something I could manage.

  76. I am so happy I found this on Pinterest. I wish I could have come across this so much sooner. I am now on week 22 and finally starting to feel better. I can totally relate to everything. I didn’t necessarily get sick all the time, although I was nauseous through the first trimester, but I suffer from really bad anxiety which was only magnified by the first trimester hormones. It was honestly debilitating during the first trimester, same as you I could not eat properly (except for mac n’ cheese, which I find funny), had a hard time showering, and just being alone. I started to lose all hope that I would never be back to normal and that I was going to be like this forever. I also kept comparing myself to all the other pregnant women who were out working and making pregnancy seem so easy. Thankfully I am finally to a point where I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. All I can do is that it gets better from here on out. Pregnancy alone is no joke, suffering with anxiety while pregnant, my God, please help me.

  77. Great comments and posts!!! I am pregnant with my 3rd at 43 (almost week 15) and it is just starting to get a bit better. With my first I barely felt nauseous, with my second I had no appetite and was sick almost the whole time and couldn’t do anything. Now with this one, beginning around week 6 just after we found out, I couldn’t keep ANYTHING down, I did do a stint in the hospital and many of the drugs or remedies I tried didn’t help. Finally I took a trip home to visit my dad (just me on my own – I live very far away) and during those 2 weeks it let up enough to do one or two things a day, eat a bit of food several times a day (just nibbles) and I too kept mac n cheese and cheese bread down – fruit and veggie juices too so a few vitamins snuck in. I am now able to eat a bit every day and feel it is getting better, but I am struggling to regain any energy. The world around me still smells awful at every turn and I just don’t want to leave the house. I know it will get better but I also know that giving birth itself requires strength and I want to gain some back (it doesn’t get easier the older we get).

    Heads up to all who share in these struggles – I find it helps sometimes just to sob a while and let out the frustration you are feeling – it will get better and when the little one arrives – all is forgotten. My oldest keeps laying his head on my belly hoping to hear something – I keep telling him it is too soon but it is just so cute when he does it I just smile and cry more tears of joy.

  78. This is just want I needed to read…I have been crawling from the couch to the bathroom for the past 3 weeks. Barely keeping anything down. This past week is where I felt the emotional toll, especially because my husband is deployed right now. Thank you for reminding me that yes, we are all so different and we are all so strong. 🙂 This to shall pass. Congrats on your little one.

  79. This made me cry, thank you for sharing! You described perfectly how I feel. It makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone.

  80. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I’m 8 weeks and literally threw up in the middle of reading this and then cried because somebody gets ME. Every thought, feeling, and craving is exactly what I’m going through. I used to drink green smoothies and go for runs everyday. Now I lay around eating mac and sipping Gatorade.

  81. I just want to thank you for your post. This is my first baby and this post has made me feel so much better. Growing up my mother always told me how beautiful a baby makes you feel and that your hair and face are at it’s peak, and my mother in law told me the same.

    I on the other hand haven’t felt that way. My face has broken out like crazy, I always feel gross from all the puking and the nausea in general, my prenatal vitamins make me feel even more sick and make me unbelievably constipated, I’m always hungry but can’t keep anything down.

    So I was really touched by your post to know that maybe what I’m going through is normal and even though I’m not glowing and radiant as I “should” be it’s a reminder that I’m really just thankful to be able to bring forth new life into this world.

  82. This blog meant a lot to me. I was feeling very alone in my fatigue and sickness. Thank you for reminding me I’m not. 10 weeks and counting!

  83. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this and sharing your experiences with the world. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled across your blog. I’m currently 10 weeks, pregnant with my second, and I’ve never related so much to another human being. You hit everything right on the nail, and I finally feel like I’m not alone. Today, for the first time in a month, I was able to go for a walk, I’ve never craved such simple act of normalcy in my entire life. Most of the time, like you, I’ve been experiencing ALL DAY SICKNESS, not just vomiting/nausea once or twice a day. I will stay hopeful, your words have given me the strength I was hoping to find. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  84. Aw, thank you for your sweet message Erika! I’m so glad you were able to find someone to relate to and that you got to go on a walk today! I completely understand that craving for normalcy as I wrote this post when I was pregnant with my first and now I’m pregnant with my second and it’s been even harder this time around. It’s so wonderful to come back, read all of the comments and be reminded of the many many women who relate to this and pull strength from each other! Wishing you the very best with the remainder of your pregnancy girl!

  85. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article!!! I’m in the middle of my first trimester and this is exactly what I needed! Between the sickness, exhaustion, emotional roller coasters and constant guilt I’m starting to lose my head a little! This made me feel a lot better and not so alone anymore! Thanks again and if there’s anyone going through the same thing right now, feel free to come talk to me, I could use the company.

  86. Hi! Many years later I found this article of yours that explains all of my feelings at once. Tried to get pregnant for 20 months and finally got pregnant on our first visit to fertility clinic (just like you!). I am incredible happy and out of my mind excited but I just feel so miserable and sick and exhausted all of the time. And when I “complain” about it to my husband’s family, they all say “well you wanted it soooo bad right?”. Makes me feel even worse. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone on this. 🙂

  87. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m starting my third month and feeling more and more weak, helpless, and generally down. It’s not my nature to stay sad, so I really appreciated your normalizing what I’m going through. It doesn’t fix anything, but I feel more understood, and that’s what I came here looking for. ♡

  88. Thank you so much for this post…almost 8 weeks and feeling like a total wuss and I just need to toughen up one moment and like I’m a queen for dealing with this the next. Thank you for making it known we’re not alone!

  89. Thank you for this post! I am 6 weeks pregnant with our first, and I have been nauseas and depressed since last week…I thought it was just me. I thought I should be feeling so happy and excited to be having our baby, and I am, but my emotions are literally all over the place. Thank goodness my husband is so supportive and loving. I am also an RN working night shifts, which definitely doesn’t help my fatigue or mood. I feel like everything is so backwards. I can’t keep a clean house, laundry has literally been sitting in my washer and dryer for about a week now, dishes are piling up in the kitchen…which is NOT normal for me! No food sounds good to me, ever. And while I have not actually gotten sick (yet), I almost wish that I would just to relieve this constant nausea and uneasiness 🙁 I feel terrible that I basically have to force myself to eat in order to keep this little baby growing strong. I have an appointment in a couple weeks, so I’ll be expressing all this to her then lol but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that’s been suffering from these symptoms.

  90. I know this post is old now but I wanted to thank you for writing it! I am 10.5 weeks with my first and have a 15 year history of severe stomach problems, so I thought I would handle the morning sickness no problem. The exact opposite, this is the worst I have ever felt. After a full on breakdown last night my fantastic husband found your post and sent it to me at work this morning. THANK YOU! You expressed what I couldn’t perfectly. It’s just amazing to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  91. I know this is an old post, but I stumbled across this just now as I am DONE looking up things to help with my MS and I just wanted to know that I am not alone and that it will get better. I am 11 weeks with my first and this is a stressful pregnancy for me mentally as I have suffered multiple losses before now. I am constantly worrying about whether or not baby is ok in addition to feeling TERRIBLE MS since about week 6. I honestly feel like it’s never going to end. I can barely keep food down and I’m exhausted all the time. Like you wrote in your post – I am not cooking or doing the things I normally do around the house and I feel like I’m failing as a wife as well. Your list did help me to put things in perspective and it helped me in this moment, so thank you. I am trying to focus on the positive and not succumb to the guilt and frustration I feel. I feel like I should just be glad to be pregnant and not worry about the sickness. My acupuncturist told me yesterday, “You can be happy to be pregnant and still be honest about how much this part sucks!” And she is right. And thank you for your openness and I hope you are doing great with the little one – now getting bigger!

  92. Hi, there!

    I just read this post myself and wanted to let YOU know that you are not alone, either! I am 11 weeks with my first and I have been struggling since Week 6….I have NEVER felt so sick in my whole life. We are close with our due dates I noticed from your comment date, so I just wanted to say hello and that we can do this!

  93. Thank you so much for this post! I’m 6 wks and 5 days pregnant today and as excited as I am, I can’t help but sulk when the nausea hits. I then begin to feel guilty for not feeling happy about being pregnant. Ugh it can be a vicious cycle. I have such a long way to go but I know it’ll all be worth it once i’m holding my sweet baby. Reading your post this morning has really helped encourage me. I’ve been having to take unisome every day since last Friday and it makes me scared to think of possibly harming the baby, but i’ve been reassured by my doctor and pharmacists that it is totally safe to take. I hate to have to take medication for my vomiting / nausea but i don’t know what else to do to keep from feeling miserable. I’ve tried everything. I will def try to enjoy every moment (not so much the nauseous ones) lol but like you said, to take one day at a time. Thank you again for this post! 🙂

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  95. Thanks for being so candid and sharing your experience with us, Karine! As I searched the internet for support through this pregnancy I hoped I could find a story I could identify with and yours was the one! It’s my second pregnancy and I am 9-10 weeks along. My first pregnancy was a walk in the park…I felt terrific the whole time! This is different. The nausea, diarrhea and dizziness left me feeling debilitated, weak and helpless. I was traveling in high altitudes week 6 and ended up hospitalized w/ IV and prescribed oxygen for the remainder of my trip. After returning home to sea level my breathing was better but the nausea, diarrhea and dizziness remained. Week 7 I was prescribed Diclegis. It has cut the nausea considerably, however, I still feel weak, tired and dizzy. I am thankful to not be working at the moment but have needed to find things to keep me from feeling the deep sense of self-pity that started to creep in. I find talking to friends and family, having visitors and tv are very helpful. I am also grateful for the support of all the women that have shared their stories. In the moments when I have felt alone and very discouraged it’s stories like yours that remind me I am among other strong worrier mamas and we have and will get through this! I am learning to be okay with not being okay and embracing my temporary new reality one day at a time. It will pass and there is definitely a beautiful miracle waiting at the end of the tunnel!

  96. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s like you read my mind, I have the exact same feelings and it’s really gotten me down. I bookmarked this and read it often to remind me I’m not alone and I’m not less of a woman just because I’m not “handling” my pregnancy as well as other women I know. We’re all moms and what matters is that we love our little one and do our very best to bring a new life into this world!

  97. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone in this! I’m 11 weeks pregnant going on 12 in a couple of days and I keep counting down the days until my first trimester is over. It’s been awful! I’ve had nauseas, vomit and headaches (lately). I got laid off shortly after we found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I try to stay positive but it’s been so difficult. I’m home alone all day until my husband gets home from work. I can barely cook myself something to eat and all I can eat is crackers, chicken and white rice. I wish I lived to close to my mom who would be tons of help right but we recently moved to a new city where we don’t know anyone. So it gets lonely and difficult.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  98. I cannot explain how happy I was to come across your blog. It felt like you were writing my story. I became so reclusive during this time that I began to feel detached from everyone, even avoiding any baby related things. This is my first pregnancy and I did not expect it to be like this. I’m almost 12 weeks and think I’m turning a corner (I ate a piece of pizza 🙂 lol I am in Chicago so the gloomy winter weather doesn’t help. We planned a little get away in a few weeks to sunnier warmer weather to help get my energy back. I will try anything. Ladies, please know you’re not alone.its true, surround yourself with good support, it really distracts you. Remember how strong you are!<3

  99. I literally CRIED reading this (in fairness, I cry listening to the radio, watching TV, thinking about things – just all the time). I was 11 weeks 5 days and I am MISERABLE. I HATE being pregnant. We tried for so long and now that I’m pregnant – I feel like I made an awful mistake. All my friends that we’ve told have LOVED being pregnant and can’t understand why I am struggling to bad. It’s so refreshing to read other women LIKE ME are going through this. Although I am working, I’m exhausted by the end of the day and then insomnia kicks in and I can’t sleep at night – it’s a vicious cycle. The nausea has FINALLY subsided (week 4 through 10), had to get a Rx from the doctor for that one. Now it’s the exhaustion that is beating me. I never thought I could be so tired from doing absolutely nothing (ok, in fairness my body is doing something – but physically I am just hanging out).
    Thank you thank you thank you! Even these comments are inspiring <3 One day at a time… staying hopefully that second trimester will be better.

  100. I have never been much of a reader but since now i am 10-11 weeks pregnant, i try researching my queries so much that it ultimately makes me read articles, blogs and posts and that’s how i came across your blog. Though frankly it’ll not help my state in anyway yet its consolidating to know that its not just me alone in this world who feels so. I find myself v weak emotionally and always thought all the other women in the world having kids are stronger than me. I always badly wanted to have a child( This is will be my first) but now at times i feel so so horrible.
    I stay in a different state than my family with my husband alone and my husband is though trying to manage both his work and me keeps busy most of the times. I either watch movies or is in bed all the time. I can’t do my own little things. I feel sad and depress. I only wish this time to fly soon.
    Thanks for the blog. Request if you can suggest in more of activities and ways to deal with this.

  101. Thank you for sharing this, I am 4-5weeks pregnant and I feel so sick and feel like it is starting to effect me mentally. Nice to know I am not the only one going through this.

  102. now…..but mostly I want say i am so happy. Dr Mack was a great helper when i my Husband broke apart from me but he later came back after i used the service of Dr Mack.)

    (Thank you so much for saving my marriage.)

  103. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with our first. I just had an emotional breakdown last night because I am not the glowy pregnant woman. I had to call into work today because I was vomiting stomach acid since there was nothing left to vomit. I can’t keep anything down and worry about the baby, just like your blog says. Stubbling across this blog today means more to me than you will know! I hate other women experience this but, at the same time I am soooo happy to know it is “normal”! I am going to save this blog and re read it every day to keep me sane. Thank you!
    P.s I am glad to have read some other comments with food suggestions because crackers aren’t cutting it anymore haha!

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