A Mom’s View Of The Well Educated Heart

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If there has been one philosophy, or way of thinking, that has changed the way we homeschool it is the Well Educated Heart. The Well Educated Heart (WEH) isn’t a curriculum. It doesn’t tell you exactly what to do every day as you teach your kids. For me and my family, it has proven to do so much more.

What is the Well Educated Heart? It isn't a curriculum but rather a philosophy that will transform the way you teach your children. Your heart will expand right along with your children.

The WEH is a philosophy or a way of learning that is unlike anything you will see in a public school system. The focus is the heart. Not only your children’s heart, but YOUR HEART. The WEH exposes you to heartwarming stories, art, music and enriching activities all while teaching you of important truths. 

You find yourself going on a journey of self discovery. Each year you learn a little bit more and understand a little bit more. You learn from great individuals from all around the world by reading and discussing those stories. Stories are the center of the WEH philosophy. 

On the introductory page of The Well Educated Heart, it says this, “For some of you, the ideas presented here will go against everything you’ve ever thought about how children learn. For others, the ideas will resonate with beliefs you already carry with you.  Either way, I hope you’ll enter with an open heart and that you’ll find something  that will enrich your life and the lives of your children. This course is not just for women with children.  It’s for anyone who wants to live a richer, more abundant life; for anyone who feels like there is something ‘missing’. “

For me, I kept feeling like something was missing in our homeschool. I wasn’t inspiring myself or my boys. There were somedays when I couldn’t remember what we even learned. We were so focused on checking off the boxes that we found little time to read books together. Discovery and chasing new ideas just wasn’t part of our day. 

It was at this time that I was introduced to The Well Educated Heart

A couple years prior to this, I was introduced to the WEH website, but I guess my heart wasn’t ready for it. I skimmed over it not really understanding what it was all about. At that time I relied a lot on the curriculum we used. I didn’t feel I could provide an education for my boys without it. 

I soon discovered I was wrong. 

Not only could I teach my boys without a curriculum, but I feel our lives have been greatly enriched because of the WEH. I started by going through The Introductory Course that will help you catch the vision of what the WEH is all about. Remember, this is a new way of thinking and will take time to fully grasp the vision. I have been doing the WEH philosophy for just over two years and I am still learning more and more everyday. 

I then began looking at the Libraries of Hope Rotation Schedule. This rotation contains time periods, countries and a science topic divided up in different months. The rotation provides a way to help us cover many different topics but should not completely control our homeschool. I enjoy using the rotation, but if we are liking a certain topic, we will stay on that topic longer. 

After I went through the introductory course, I decided to incorporate the WEH into our homeschool. I was determined to keep our curriculum AND bring the WEH philosophy into our home. This lasted only about a week before I felt like I was completely failing. We weren’t getting anything done which left me in confusion.

I needed help!

I messaged Marlene (the founder of the WEH) and this is a portion of the message she sent back, “It is really hard to let go of that which is familiar to us! And I would say ease into things. The more you understand, the more relaxed you will become.”

I started with the mixture of the curriculum and the WEH philosophy, but I soon just let the curriculum go. It was so freeing! I was still a tad clueless of how to move forward, but I continued to move forward. It was like jumping in a pool not really knowing how to swim. You dog paddle at first, but then you find yourself trying different strokes until you find something that works. Continual understanding comes as you keep moving forward. 

Marlene told me this, “…plenty of people looking in from the outside will question what you are doing. That’s why I give you so much to study-I want you to see and know for yourself. Then your confidence will grow.” As I studied and learned the resources Marlene provides, I found my confidence growing.

The great thing about the WEH is that it is just as much for you as it is for your kids. Going through the introductory course and understanding and studying the books from the Mother’s University is so important. Just as Marlene said, “I want you to see and know for yourself. THEN YOUR CONFIDENCE WILL GROW.”

Libraries of Hope

Above I mentioned the Libraries of Hope rotation. The Libraries of Hope is another resource that Marlene provides. The Well Educated Heart is the philosophy while The Libraries of Hope provides the resources. The Libraries of Hope is a collection of amazing stories that have been lovingly gathered and organized that are pre 1920 stories. 

These stories are free online through the Well Educated Heart Website or if you want the actual book you can buy them or sign up for the monthly subscription to get books month by month. We love these books. If you have young kids then I would start with the My Book of Delights Series and Our Little Cousins Series. We love them. 

These stories open the pathway into your heart and your children’s heart. I have found greater joy and peace as we have adopted the WEH philosophy into our home. This philosophy has changed our family and our family culture for the better. If you are intrigued I encourage you to start with the The Introductory Course that shares more of the WEH vision. It is fantastic.

Your days can be filled with joy and your kids can love to learn. This isn’t for just a select few, it is possible for everyone. You just have to trust and be able to let go of one way of thinking to receive a greater way of thinking. In the next coming years, I am going to focus much of my time providing ideas and resources for moms to enrich their home with the WEH philosophy. Whether you homeschool or not, these are stories, ideas and activities you can do in your homes. 

The power of a story sinks deeper into hearts greater than any pep talk or lecture. Start by bringing stories into your home! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.