Mega Disney Giveaway

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We are SUPER Excited about this week’s round robin giveaway. If you have never participated in a round robin before, this is how it works: 10 BLOGS are giving away something different! Everything from a free Disneyland Vacation for two, to a Kindle Fire HD, and lots of other fun stuff! We have all linked to each other’s giveaways, so once you enter ours, click over to the next one until you make a full circle back here! We did it this way so that there are 10 different winners, making your chances of winning much higher! And the best part is you should be able to enter them all in just a few minutes. Some of the entry requirements are as simple as leaving a comment on their blog post! Easy peasy! Okay, let’s move on to the good stuff. What we are giving away…

Disney Giveaway

For OUR blog’s giveaway, we wanted to give you a few options to choose from. The winner of this particular giveaway can choose between a $50 Disney Gift Card, or a Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk! Woo Hoo! To enter, simply use the rafflecopter form below

Fun Disney Giveaway


 Don’t FORGET TO ENTER THE NEXT GIVEAWAY! is giving away a Disneyland Vacation for TWO!!!

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