The LEONARDO Museum is taking FLIGHT!

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The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City is taking flight! In this post you will find

  • Information about the new exhibit coming to the Leonardo
  • Information on their Kickstarter Campaign for discounted tickets and a

This exhibit is homegrown, right here in Utah! It will be semi-permanent, unlike the past displays which were traveling exhibits! This exhibit will be on display for the next few years!

Ready for Takeoff

One of Leonardo da Vinci’s biggest passions during his life was flying. Here are a couple things that will be on display!

  • A full sized replica of his very first man-powered flying machine.
  • The “crown jewel” of the exhibit is a giant c-131 aircraft that is so large they had to take off part of the wall of the building. The wingspan is so large that it only clears the walls of the exhibit by 6 INCHES on either side!! Most museums airplanes like these are just for looking at. This airplane however, you can get up on the wings and run from one side to the other!! You can get in the cock pit and mess with all the buttons, levers and gadgets! There is even a giant slide you can slide out the back of the airplane! For your kids who love to see how things work, you can take them to look at the fuselage and see how the airplanes are built and how they work!

Very VERY cool! This has my boys written all over it!

The exhibit is very interactive and has activities that will teach your kids about different types of flight.

  1. Buoyant flight (hot air balloons),
  2. Aerodynamic flight (airplanes) and
  3. Ballistic flight (missiles and rockets)
  4. Animal flight
  5. History of flight – (da Vinci’s flying maching and a bi-plane that you can break apart and put back together)
  6. Rocket pack flight – (See, touch and discover how it is made!)

As with all museums there are more surprises waiting for your kids! The great thing is, if you are interested in going, they are offering discounted prices if you help back their kickstarter campaign that is going on right now!

If you back their campaign with $30 you get

  • 4 tickets to the exhibit,
  • bomber hat and goggles,
  • plus a treat at the cafe.

Normal retail price for the tickets is $12.95/ticket, so this almost $5 off adult tickets and $3 off the lowest kids pricing. It’s a great deal! There are other discount options as well!

 If you want to attend the opening kick off event called, The World’s Largest Field Trip, you can pledge $50 to attend this event on Friday, August 5, 2016 from 1-4 pm. You will

  • Build your own paper airplane to throw off the roof of the Salt Lake Library
  • Meet with paper airplane building experts who compete in design and flying competitions.
  • There will be a skywriter and flight related food and drink.
  • The whole museum will be open to everyone during the field trip so you can see the exhibit and participate in all corners of the museum.
  • This event is exclusively for those who pledge $50 or more.

The link to the kickstarter campaign is HERE

To learn more you can go to The LEONARDO WEBSITE

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