The Hunt for the GOLDEN EGG: An Easter Egg Hunt Celebrating Jesus

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When we have our big family Easter Egg Hunt, my mom has a tradition of hiding one golden egg with a picture of Jesus inside. Whoever finds the golden egg gets a special prize, and at the end of the hunt, she shares a special message about the true meaning of Easter.

Hunt For The Golden Egg

I decided that I wanted to create an Easter Egg hunt based on this idea, but throw some other colors in the mix: focusing on 8 core principles that Jesus Christ represents: Faith (yellow), Compassion (Orange), Gratitude (blue), Scripture (Green), prayer (purple), Repentance (pink) the Golden egg (grand prize) represents Forgiveness and Hope.Easter Games For The Kids

The idea is for all of you to use this in whatever works best for your own hunt: You can print off the rhymes for each child and have them all find one egg of each color, or if you like to hung with a bunch of eggs, you can just offer a prize for whoever finds the eggs with the special rhyme, the golden egg being the grand prize!

Hunt for the Golden Egg

What I love about this hunt for the golden egg is that it can be customized in so many ways according to your family, and there’s lots of opportunity to teach a special message at the end while everyone is looking through their prizes and/or candy.

A fun Easter Egg Hunt

And if your family doesn’t do an egg hunt, you can also just put the rhymes inside their Easter basket on Sunday morning.

A fun egg hunt with a meaningful theme

Each of the colors match up with these principles of peace that Christ represents:

pink: repentence

orange: Kindness

yellow: Faith

blue: Gratitude

green: Scriptures (His Word)

Purple: Prayer

Gold: Forgiveness and hope

They go along well with this beautiful Easter video (Get more info on the #Prince of Peace Inititiative here):

The Prince of Peace: Find Lasting Peace through Jesus Christ

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Hunt For The Golden Egg

Egg Hunt Celebrating Jesus Christ: Free Easter Egg Printables!

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Egg Hunt Printables