Fun Halloween Treats for Kids

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It’s hard for me to believe it’s almost Halloween…AGAIN! Didn’t I just do this like yesterday? Time flies fast and so does the time we  have with our kids! I know my kids are totally stoked for Halloween this year and have already been coming up with their own costumes that they want to wear. Who says we have to wait till Halloween night to have fun, though? I found some fun and cute treats for you to make with your kids right now! Heck, even if you don’t have kids you should make these! (I won’t tell!) So, here you go! Here are some fun and cute Halloween treats for kids that we thought you might enjoy. Your Welcome! (Please follow the links to these amazing blogger’s pages to get the recipes and directions)

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Pie Dip


Ghost in the Graveyard 

Halloween Treats

Halloween Graveyard Cake

Halloween Treats

Spooky Halloween Marshmallow Dippers


Halloween Bundt Cake

Halloween Treats for Kids

Frankenstein Kiwis 


Halloween Cocoa Krispy Treats

halloween treats

Candy Corn Milkshakes

Halloween Treats

Orange Goblin Pudding Cups


Witch Hats Cookies

Halloween Treats for Kids

Harvest Hash Trail Mix


Candy Corn Punch

Halloween Treats for Kids

Pumpkin POO

Halloween Treats for Kids

Pumpkin Dirt Pudding

Halloween Treats for Kids

Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

Halloween Treats

Little Frankies

These are adorable!!

…and just in case you want to save these for later, we’ve got you covered with this collage:These Halloween Treats for Kids look like SOO much fun! Who says I have to wait till Halloween?