5 Practical Ways to Stay Fit as a Busy Mom

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I know! Your thinking fitness for a busy mom?? What? How is that even possible! I am here to tell you it isn’t impossible. You just have to go throughout your day with a purpose of squeezing in different exercises in what you are already doing. 

Its hard to stay fit and in shape as a busy mother. It is hard to find the time to do it all. Great tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

I have come to a point in my life where exercise has been put on the back burner. This happens a lot to many moms whether its simply lack of time, exhaustion, or just plain being overwhelmed with life. In the back of my mind I am always thinking, “I need to go exercise”. Again, great intentions, with no action (as I sit and eat a box of my kids crackers). 

I then decided I want something different. I decided to make it work which is EVERYTHING! I began thinking of different exercises I could do throughout the day with the activities and things I was already doing. 

Fitness doesn’t appear as one face, there are many faces of fitness that you will learn to try out at different times in your life! 

Here is what I came up with during this very busy season of my life. Making these small changes has helped me SOOO much! It’s amazing what a little dopamine will do when you start moving and exercising that amazing body of yours!

#1- Park in the farthest parking spot you can find

As human beings our brain tends to find the fastest & easiest route possible (kinda like google maps on hyper drive). We want to get the front row at the store for the shortest walking distance. We even celebrate when we snag one of those front row spots.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself some more steps to your day by parking the farthest away! It doesn’t add much time so see how far away you can park (especially Walmart parking lots). My boys would groan as they are laughing at me finding the farthest parking spot. 

#2 – Make a conscious effort to suck in your belly 

You might think I’m crazy but try it out! If you have had a baby, you know how your stomach feels! It can feel saggy and loose and weak! Make an conscious effort to pull in those stomach muscles and you will find those muscles getting tired! Perfect! Just what you want!

When you’re in your car make a conscious effort to suck your belly. As you are sitting through a meeting, suck that belly in and help that baby fat find a new home and build some supporting muscles there instead!

#3 – While waiting to pick up your child from activities, go for a walk/run. 

Instead of sitting in the parking lot waiting for your child to get out of school, or waiting for your child to be done playing soccer, or waiting waiting waiting (like we always do) get out of your car and move!

Turn on a podcast and go walk around the school or the block a couple times! Arrive a little bit earlier and take a walk and get out of that car! 

#4 – If you are sitting a lot, stand up and do squats! 

During the day while I’m homeschooling my boys, I am sitting down a lot!  I decided that when I’m sitting down for a long time I will stand up and do 30 squats.  Since I’m sitting a lot this allows my body to loosen up and allows my legs to get strong. Let me tell you! I was sore the after the first day. I did 30 squats 3 or 4 times. There are so many variations you can do with this. 

While your son is reading to you, do a wall squat! Seriously the sky is the limit! Sometimes I have my boys go run around our house to expel some energy. Here is a thought…..JOIN THEM and get your body moving!! 

 #5 – Go on active activities with your kids

When you kids want to go on a bike ride….Do it! Again fitness has a lot of faces! Take your kids on hikes, walks, play soccer, dance. This will not only help keep you fit, but it will teach your kids invaluable lessons about the importance of staying active! 

#6- Last of all, don’t stress about not doing fitness the “right way” by not being able to go to the gym for an hour work out

I’m a big believer of this. So many moms say, “I don’t have an hour!”. Physical fitness is an ongoing thing and getting away for an hour is hard. Start by changing your thoughts and be on the look out for different ways to be active throughout your day. You will feel so much better! I know I have! 

There’s a time and a season for everything and when you are a busy mom and overwhelmed with a lot of different things start brainstorming ways you can be active during your normal daily activities. GOOD LUCK! 

You can do this mama! 

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