DIY Grab n Go Kits for Kids

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I was in Wal-Mart last week doing some shopping, when I saw those Grab n Go Pouches for Kids. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those foil pouches you see in the check out isle begging you to buy them because they are so cheap and oh so handy for your kids on-the-go! Only, if you’ve bought them you know that they usually have cheap crayons that don’t color worth a darn and also break easily. You’re also stuck with whatever themed packs the store happens to have. Why not make these yourself, use higher quality items and customize them for your own kids? We did this and my kids LOVE them! Such a simple idea, but so great to have a bunch ready to throw in the diaper bag, take to church, the doctor’s office or anywhere else on-the-go! 

I got really brave this week and made my very first DIY video…ever! So, don’t judge cause I know I had the camera turned the wrong way, and I know my voice sounds like a frog (hey! still getting over the flu here:) but we all gotta start somewhere, right?

DIY Grab n Go Kits for Kids
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So, the mini composition notebooks were actually .88 for a 3 pack at my Wal-Mart. I just re-checked today. I found them in the office department where the day planners are. The Pip Squeaks skinny markers I purchased here because Wal-Mart only had smaller packs that were crazy expensive. The mini pencils fit perfectly in my little bags, along with the stencils. I also found these wikki sticks that  were a hit with my kids. I bought 50 of the mini packs and my kids have already used half of them, they are so fun! I love it when I can find things that entertain a wide age range. If you really want to add some mini coloring books I found some here and here. I’m on the hunt for more “mini goodness” to add to my bags. I’ll update this post when I find new and fun stuff that my kids love. Now…get going and make your minions  some grab-n-go bags. They’ll think it’s because you love them. We all know it’s really to save our precious sanity!What started as a simple idea, has become an obsession! My kids love these grab n go kits! (kids activities, DIY)