What Causes Cavities? You Might Be Surprised By This One…

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What Could Be Causing Your Cavities- Wow! Every parent needs to know this!I have had a lot of cavities in my lifetime. And I’m a dang good brusher. I used to be so upset when my mom would take us to the dentist and my sister would get rewarded (hard cash!) for not having any cavities, and no matter how diligently I brushed, I always had at least one!

Not to mention my dentist made me feel extra horrible when he said “You better stop eating candy or you will have dentures by the time you graduate high school.”

Yeah…not exactly what a 13-year old wants to hear.

I’ve always blamed my gene pool on this one (don’t we all?), but I recently learned something very, very interesting.

I'm so glad someone informed me! My kids always get cavities!

My friend sent me a random survey on dry mouth to find out if I might have it. I had no idea that I do have dry mouth, but now it makes sense (needing drinks by my bed at night, dry lips, and….cavities).

But what I didn’t know was THIS: The toothpaste I had been using is most likely contributing to my DRY MOUTH which in effect increases the risk of tooth decay because saliva helps keep harmful bacteria from forming on the teeth.

SO THE VERY THING I USE TO PREVENT CAVITIES (toothpaste) COULD ACTUALLY BE CONTRIBUTING to GETTING CAVITIES. How freaking messed up is that? The reason that most toothpastes can contribute to dry mouth is the following ingredient: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. It’s that magic ingredient that makes your toothpaste all foamy, but it’s also drying you out! 

But it doesn’t stop there. The alcohol in most mouth washes does the same thing.

Craziness. Pure craziness.

After taking my dry mouth survey, I was offered a free sample of a toothpaste and mouthwash (which I normally might have bypassed) but since I was having an extra rough case of dry lips at that moment, I thought “might as well try it since it’s free.”

Well, I learned that there’s a reason it’s free. Because the product is so awesome that the samples sell themselves! It has no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and it has added natural enzymes that promote saliva production. It takes a little getting used to on your first brushing because it’s not going to foam up like other toothpastes, but it gets the job done! And not only has it help eliminate my dry mouth, but I also feel like my breath isn’t super gross in the morning (bad breath is another sign of dry mouth, so it makes sense).

If you have dry mouth AT ALL you need to try this stuff!

I have since stopped waking up in the night with dry mouth and throat and my mouth has healed up!

I’ve also heard from some others that the enzymes in the toothpaste help get rid of canker sores!

This stuff is crazy awesome. So that’s our tip for today folks. If you are suffering from dry mouth, bad breath, cavities, canker sores, etc. GET A SAMPLE OF THIS STUFF AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK so I know I’m not just crazy.

What causes cavities? If you get cavities you have to read this!