This helped me to keep going! Motherhood is no PICNIC, but it's worth it!!#DoubletheBatch

How to be a Stay at Home Mom…and Live to Tell the Tale!

Being a stay at home mom is such an emotional and physical roller coaster ride! One minute you are pregnant and dreaming of holding your first child. You can’t help but ask yourself,

“How much longer do I have to wait before I can hold this sweet child in my arms?”

The next minute, your world is turned upside down, your days and nights are filled with these “sweet” minions and you can’t help but ask yourself,

“How much longer till bedtime?!”

How to be a stay at home mom AND live to tell the tale, might also be re-worded, “How to be a stay at home….and not eat your young!” People tell me all the time how cute my kids are. My response is always the same.

“Thanks! That’s how they stay ALIVE!”This helped me to keep going! Motherhood is no PICNIC, but it's worth it!!#DoubletheBatch

Do early birds really have a bigger edge on life than night owls? Follow my night owl vs. early bird journey to see!!

Night Owl vs. Early Bird (Part 1)

I have been a night owl my whole life.When I was a kid I would stay up late to read my latest novel. As adult it was cleaning or movies and now, currently, it’s the time when I blog. I wake up to the sound of my toddler crying for me to come get him out of bed. I have tried so many times to wake up early in my life. The only time when I was truly successful was when I was a young 21 yr old serving a mission for my church and it was REQUIRED that we wake up at 6:30 every morning to study. Because I tend to have an ‘obedient’ personality, I did it faithfully…for 18 months. You’d think that would have cured me of my late night addiction. Nope. The minute I returned home to normal life I immediately slipped back into my night owl routine.

Why is it so easy to be a night owl as a mom? Well, duh! The kids are in bed and I FINALLY have some time ALL TO MYSELF! IT’s hard to give that up by succumbing to an early bedtime! It’s when I get any left over cleaning done (if I’m in the mood, which I’m usually not!) or when I watch movies with my husband….but usually it’s spent on my favorite hobby…blogging.

night owl vs. early bird

Feeling like you have Guilty Mom Syndrome?

Guilty Mom Syndrome?

I think I have “Guilty Mom Syndrome”

Today was just not a good day. I will not bore you with all the details. If you are a mother, you already live them…every day! I’ve been lying here in my bed for several hours trying to come up with something profound to write today. Instead my mind was flooded with all the things I did ‘wrong’ today.

  • I neglected to put God first by saying my prayers and reading my scriptures
  • I yelled at my kids because they were acting horrible.
  • I broke my healthy diet and binged on Chik-fil-a followed by a trip to Target for a treat which ended up being several that are now hidden in the master bedroom shower. (don’t tell the kids!)
  • I didn’t exercise.
  • I’m hiding from my kids.
  • I can keep going…
  • Do I really need to say more??

Then I started to think of all the things I constantly feel guilt for as a mother. It is an ON-GOING NON STOP mental and emotional battle. From the minute my kids were born I have found more and more things to feel guilty of.


I don’t know. I guess it’s because I absolutely love to torture myself everyday. So why not just feel guilty….

Mother: Guilty as Charged