The One-a-Day Rule is about as easy as it gets for keeping a clean home! #DoubletheBatch

The One a Day Rule for Keeping a Clean Home

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The bigger my family gets, the trickier it is to keep a clean home. The laundry pile keeps getting bigger, the dishes multiply, and the streaks and smudges on every wall and doorknob seem to appear overnight! It can be overwhelming! I could spend countless hours cleaning everyday to keep my home spotlessly clean, but I’ve got better things to do with my time folks! I’m a mom of 4 and as I’ve said before in my post How to keep a House Clean with Kids, I want to actually spend time with my kids more than I want to impress the world with my ridiculously clean home!The One-a-Day Rule is about as easy as it gets for keeping a clean home!

Feeling like you have Guilty Mom Syndrome?

Guilty Mom Syndrome?

I think I have “Guilty Mom Syndrome”

Today was just not a good day. I will not bore you with all the details. If you are a mother, you already live them…every day! I’ve been lying here in my bed for several hours trying to come up with something profound to write today. Instead my mind was flooded with all the things I did ‘wrong’ today.

  • I neglected to put God first by saying my prayers and reading my scriptures
  • I yelled at my kids because they were acting horrible.
  • I broke my healthy diet and binged on Chik-fil-a followed by a trip to Target for a treat which ended up being several that are now hidden in the master bedroom shower. (don’t tell the kids!)
  • I didn’t exercise.
  • I’m hiding from my kids.
  • I can keep going…
  • Do I really need to say more??

Then I started to think of all the things I constantly feel guilt for as a mother. It is an ON-GOING NON STOP mental and emotional battle. From the minute my kids were born I have found more and more things to feel guilty of.


I don’t know. I guess it’s because I absolutely love to torture myself everyday. So why not just feel guilty….

Mother: Guilty as Charged