4 Worries as a Parent, That you Really Shouldn’t Worry About!

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Being a mom is no joke. It is exhausting, overwhelming, and at times all consuming. As moms we are all very good at many things. One universal trait that is built into all moms, is the ability to worry! We worry when our kids are sick, when they are sad, or if they are getting bullied at school. When we worry, we tend to dwell on that worry so much, that we begin to lose sight of the big picture. I believe there are some things that you don’t need to lose sleep over. Simply put, there are some things that just do not matter.



Try not to waste your energy on things that won’t last forever. It may drive you insane, but try hard to channel that energy to something that will matter.  This list contains only 4 items just to get a point across. There are MANY disgusting and gross things that my 5 boys do. I simply smile and think, “When they are dating in 10 years, this will be the least of my problems!” This list contains, what I believe, may be the most common worries parents, or myself have had with young children.

#1 – Thumb sucking –

I had two boys who sucked their thumb. I LOVED them sucking their thumbs! They made for great babies! Was it hard to break the habit? Absolutely! Did I spend a lot of energy worrying about how their teeth are going to be deformed, or what the other mother is thinking about me as my 4 year old sucks his thumb?? Unfortunately yes, I did. I learned quickly that they will eventually stop sucking their thumb.

Please…don’t let society guilt you into worrying about something that will take care of itself. Chances are your kid will have braces anyways! 🙂 Both of my boys stopped before kindergarten. I worried about my first, and worried less about my second. Same problem, same outcome! Solution = WORRY LESS!

#2 – Potty Training/Bed Wetting –

I have talked with many moms who worry about this A LOT! Especially when it comes to bed wetting. I am one of those moms. My son is a HARD sleeper! He does not wake up for anything. We have tried getting him up to go to the bathroom during the night, only to have a completely incoherent boy sleep walking. This can be very frustrating! Just think though mamas………..Is he going to be wetting the bed as an adult? I personally have never heard of that problem. The chances of your child staying in diapers their whole life are slim to none. Solution = WORRY LESS!

#3 – The world of MISMATCH –

We all know the struggle as we watch our kid fight to wear something that simply doesn’t match! We cringe as they walk out of the house with a nice button up shirt, gym shorts and rain boots. All different colors I might add. Mismatched socks are one thing, but can you imagine mismatched shoes?? I confess! I noticed my son had two different shoes on the other day AFTER we had been out in public for a couple hours. What did I do?? I laughed and shrugged it off! Hey he couldn’t find a match…I give him credit to putting on a left and a right shoe. One day they will be a lot more aware of their appearance! Until then = WORRY LESS!

#4 – Hairstyles/Haircuts –

I asked my mother the one thing she recommended mothers to worry less about. It happened to be haircuts. I love the saying, “What is the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut?”…………. The answer is “2 Weeks!” If your child doesn’t do their hair, or they want their hair cut a certain way, I share the wisdom of my mother, “Compromise!” Allow them to choose. If it is something very extreme, meet in the middle. Solution = WORRY LESS!

These 4 Things are just a few of the many things you could worry less about! There are many more. Simply ask yourself the question,

“Does it really matter, and will they be doing this forever?”

For example, I just went to put my boys to bed. All of them were in their pajamas ready for bed….except my 4 year old. He was still in his clothes he had worn from today. I asked him, “Why don’t you have your pajamas on?” He didn’t have a reason, other than he wanted to sleep in his clothes. I asked myself the question above and thought, “This doesn’t really matter.” I brushed his teeth and tucked him in, clothes and all! He was happy, I was happy = WORRY LESS!