20 of the BEST Cookie Recipes on the Web

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You may have found yourself in a similar situation as me: Maybe you have a function to attend, or maybe you just really want to a good cookie…so you go searching for the perfect recipe. The only problem, is most recipes on Pinterest these days are all labeled as “THE BEST.”

So after a long search on Pinterest, I finally did what I should have done from the beginning: I asked my Food Blogger Friends.

Because if anyone would know, they would. So here they are, in all their glory.

You’re welcome 🙂

Very first, I am featuring some recipes from my Friend Amber, who blogs at Dessert Now, Dinner Later. A fine dining restaurant recently put one of her dessert recipes on their menu (yea, she’s that good). I just made the Caramel pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were FABULOUS! I’m making them again this week for our camping trip 🙂

Who wants to join me on the quest to make each and every one of these recipes? I’m thinking a great idea would be to make ONE kind in bulk, freeze them, make a new kind a few weeks later, {repeat} and THEN….when Christmas is here and you are busy and don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen, just pull them all out, mix and match them onto plates….and BAM!!! Neighbor treats are ready! Easy peeze.

Pretzel Caramel Cookiespretzel caramel cookies

Homemade Oreos

Homemade Oreo Cookie Recipe

Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

20 of the best cookie recipes on the web

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are so soft and so YUMMY.

Root beer Float Cookies

Pinterest's best cookie recipes

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches (they Stay SOFT)

This recipe is so amazing! They are so soft!

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

The BEST cookie recipes!

Chocolate Almond Joyful Cookies

(These next 3 recipes are from a blogger who used to own a cookie company. These were her biggest sellers:

This blogger used to own a cookie company. Here are the recipes to her top 3 sellers

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

She used to own her own cookie company and she gave out her top 3 recipes

Double Chocolate Salted Cookies

20 of the BEST cookie recipes

Skor Bit Cookies

All Time Favorite Cookie recipes from Pinterest

German Chocolate Cookies

Ya…the picture explains the goodness all on its own..

The Best Cookie Recipes all in one place

The BEST Peanut  Butter Cookies

The BEST peanut butter cookies

Dark Chocolate M&M Cookies

are you a dark chocolate fan? This recipe is for you!

20 Top Cookie Recipes

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not only does this blogger give you what she feels is the “best” chocolate chip cookie recipe, but she also tells you how to avoid common baking problems!

not only does this blogger give you the recipe for the BEST chocolate chip cookies, but she tells you how to avoid all the common "cookie problems"

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies + 20 other favorite cookie recipes

Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

20 of the best cookie recipes you will ever find

Old-Fashioned Iced Oatmeal Cookies

A collection of 20 of the best cookie recipes from food bloggers

Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles

salted caramel snickerdoodles. Need I say more?

Coconut Peanut Butter No-Bakes

The BEST round-up of cookie recipes

The BEST Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

20 + cookie recipes that will change your life

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, the reason I have featured multiple chocolate chip recipes is because this is the one kind of cookie that I Really believe there can be 3 “BEST” recipes for. Mostly because there are so many ways to make chocolate chip cookies different, and each of these are unique from each other.

Amazing cookie recipes!

Almond Joy Cookies

Great collection of cookie recipes!

Malted Milk Cookies with Whoppers Frosting

All my favorite cookie recipes from around the web

Okay, I know I said 20, and my husband is waiting for me to wrap this up so we can watch a movie, but here are a couple more you should check out:

Heavenly Morsels

If we’re mentioning the best cookies, we have to also include the EASIEST cookes! Made with graham crackers, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk.

Grandma’s Lemon Sugar Cookies

My friend Jennifer appeared on Studio 5 to feature her grandma’s famous lemon sugar cookies. Check ’em out! You might also check out this other sugar cookie recipe as well as these Le chateau des fleurs Fall cookies


Want to pin these recipes for later? I got you covered! Just click below:

These recipes are simply amazing.