14 AMAZING Toys That Have SURVIVED 5 Boys!

What is the definition of a good toy? Is your house full of broken toys? Is your house full of toys that aren’t used or ever played with? It amazes me every time we clean our playroom, how much garbage and broken toys we throw out. My husband and I are not a fan of getting a lot of toys to solve our boys boredom! We like the, “here play with this box and see what you can make with it” toy. Too many toys also means a bigger mess.


To me the definition to a good toy is this, “If your kid is still playing with it a year later, then it is a good toy!” The toys that I pat myself on the back for are the ones that stand the test of 5 boys! Christmas is coming up, and I am always thinking in advance of a “good toy” to give my boys. There are years I fail miserably, while other years I triumph over the broken/unused toy epidemic!! I decided to share with you all of our toys that have withstood 5 active boys.

#1 – Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck

The name says it all!! Seriously people!! Do you want to take a guess how many of these bad boys we have??? We have 5!! These trucks are tough, and last forever! We take them camping with us everywhere. They were great for little chores outside. I tell my boys to go grab a tonka truck full of garbage! They are big trucks too! My older boys love to find a big hill, sit in the back of the truck and cruise down the hill! It is hilarious!! You can find it here on AMAZON.

#2 – LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

This toy doesn’t need a lot of explanation! THESE LAST FOREVER!!! We have some from when my husband was a little boy! I love this Classic Brick Box, because it has a variety of everything. Sometimes when you buy kits, it contains so many small pieces you can’t build a lot of other things. Out of all of the toys we have, legos are the thing my kids play with the most!

#3- Fisher-Price Imaginext Castle

If you are looking for a great quality toy! This is it! We have 3 Imaginext castles, or buildings and my boys play with them everyday with their Lego villages. W have this one and is a great price. You can get bigger ones for more. To me they are worth it because they are very well made toys. Five boys and I haven’t had one break yet!

#4 – Beyblade Metal Fury Hyperblades Hyper-Strike Battle Set

These things always find themselves back from the dead! When I think I have seen the last of them, my boys pull them out and battle! This set is a great toy to give two siblings! It makes it a combined gift, then you eliminate the “ITS MINE! I got it for Christmas!!” problem. You can buy more beyblades separately like this one. The only problem we have had with this toys is that you can take them apart and customize them with other blades. This creates the problem of lost pieces. I recommend getting a container like this one to keep the blades in as a whole or in pieces or create other blades. My boys love them!

#5 – Nerf Guns

I would say 80% of our nerf guns still work! We have had a couple cheaper ones bite the dust, but you usually lose 100’s of darts before your gun breaks! Stock up on darts here

#6 – GeoTrax

GeoTrax are made to last forever! My boys play with these trax a lot and I haven’t had one thing break on it! We add to it which is fun to watch the tracks they can build. This is a toy you can buy used and it will still work great! If you are really interested in this toy, I would search out your local classifieds. People sell these because they are still in such great condition. I have gotten many of my sets from other people! Stock up on batteries though. That is the only downside. Sometimes I just say no more batteries, so they push them with there hands.

#7 – Hot Wheels

Hot wheels are a great stocking stuffer! They last forever!

Here are some more ideas that are for outside with wheels! If my boys don’t have one, a neighbor does and they ride all of these all of the time!

#8 – Ripstick

When my oldest was 7, he saw my husbands ripstick hanging on the wall. I pulled it down for him and he practiced everyday until he got it.  Now he is a better rider than my husband! Its fun to watch them accomplish something that is hard.

#9- Easyroller

We just got this for my sons birthday. It is awesome and my boys fight over it! They sit on it and wiggle their feet back and forth to make it go! It is a fun one!

#10 – Huffy Green Machine

We have a couple neighbors who have this. My boys love riding them.

#11 – Wiggle riders

These things are close to indestructible as well. My boys spend hours wiggling on these things! Make sure you have play shoes on though! They will rub the toes right off of your shoes if they drag their feet!

#12 – Razor Flash Riders

These riders are pretty fun! You can do 360’s in these things! My boys want them so bad, but it is one we haven’t caved into getting! For now they use their friends!!

#13 – Classic Razor Scooter

My boys saved up money to buy these. It’s a great classic scooter to get from here to there!

#14 – Strider Bike

If you want your toddler to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels, this is the bike to get! I LOVE THIS THING!! It teaches balance at such a young age! My son was riding a bike without training wheels when he was 3 because of this bike!

I hope this gives you a good list of toys that will last! I am always looking for great toys, so if you have anymore to add feel free to comment!


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