1 Routine that will Keep your House Clean!

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House cleaning!! AHH Keeping your house clean is a never ending job! It is continuous and you wonder how in the world it gets messy so fast! We all know that house cleaning can be completely exhausting, especially when you know you are going to have to repeat it the next day!

What’s even worse is when you wake up to crazy kids AND a mess! It’s like groundhog day on crack! I know, because I have lived it.

A routine that works that will help keep your house clean! A clean house is a clean mind.

I remember telling my husband, one night, that I felt like Rapunzel trapped in a tower. It was a hard time in my life and I dreaded having to face another day. The great thing about going through rough times is that you learn a lot and grow stronger.

In the past year I have learned a lot of things that not only help my home run smoother but help me to be happy. That’s right, I said HAPPY! It’s that 5 letter word that every mother deserves to feel each and every day, even amidst the boogers, poop, vomit, tantrums, and sleep deprivation.

You might think I’m crazy when I tell you the one simple routine that will help keep your house clean AND keep you sane, but hear me out. Here it is:

Clean your home at NIGHT. 

Now for the why. I was always a morning cleaner. It’s just how I was raised. You wake up, feed the kids, and then clean your house. There’s a problem though. I found that waking up to a list of chores was depressing, took up my most productive hours of the day, and took twice as long when the kids were awake and running around.

Here’s a thought:

What if you woke up to a beautifully clean house so that you could immediately start spending time with your kids or on your favorite hobby? Would you be more likely to jump out of bed and face the day? You bet!! 

We started cleaning up our house at night this last summer. After dinner, each kid has a job to do, and while they do their jobs I walk around the house straightening up.

My husband has also joined in which has been so helpful. It feels so nice to go to bed in a clean house and know I don’t have a mountain of stuff waiting for me in the morning. So after breakfast, when my kids say, 

“Mom, can you play with me?”

I can now say, “You bet!” and not have a sink of dishes calling my name. And when toys get left out or messes happen, it’s ok because I know it will be all clean at night.

Morning is a beautiful time to be alive! Spend it making memories and doing what you love! Give it a try. I promise you’ll be a convert like me. Then come back and share your story because I would love to hear it!

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