Wall Mural Painting for Kids

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I made a goal this year to come up with at least one out-of-the-ordinary activity to do with the littles each week. Something fun that’s out of our normal routine. When pondering what we should do this week, I thought “What would I have LOVED to do as a kid?” And instantly this came to mind. Wall Mural Painting! And entire wall, dedicated to just them….to pain how they wish.

Wall Mural Painting for Kids

First, I covered our wall using our kid’s drawing paper roll. I did 3 layers up the wall so that it was taller than their heads. I then stripped their clothes and made them a fun little smock out of kitchen garbage bags (just cut a hole at the top for their head, and then two holes in the top corners for their arms). They worked perfectly!Painting3

I honestly thought this would be one of those activities that lasted about 10 minutes or less, but they LOVED it and kept painting and painting and painting!


In fact, I put them in the bath when we were all done, and immediately upon getting out, they asked to paint again! And they have asked everyday this week since! I’ve decided not to do this activity more than once a month so that it remains exciting for them.

Wall Mural Art - Super fun activity for the kids

Here are the supplies we used (although you really could make it fun with just a couple of these):

Wall Mural Painting with the Kids!

Washable Paint

Paint Pallettes

Foam Shape Painters (You could also use textured sponge painters)

Do a Dot Paint Markers

Chunky Paint Brushes

I also gave them foam stickers to use, but they preferred all the stuff that had to do with paint, of course 🙂 

Here they are showing off their painting to dad later that night:

Wall Mural Painting Fun For Kids

Who wants to inspire me for next week’s activity? What do your kids like to do? What do they talk about forever afterwards?