The Ugly Truth that is DESTROYING the Family!

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I believe that the family is the basic unit of society. Families raise children! Families teach children about honesty, hard work, faith, hope, love and everything in between. Ultimately families raise individuals that govern our society. Not having that family as the basic unit of society will result in a chaotic society.


For the above reasons, and many more, the family is under attack. There are a lot of forces making this happen, but I believe one of the strongest forces destroying the family is pornography. This is a topic that I once would roll my eyes every time it came up in church talks. I would instantly become uninterested. It did not relate to me, and I did not see the importance of, once again, tuning in and listening! If you feel the same, I am here to tell you,

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I first became aware of the dangers of pornography when a friend of mine became strongly addicted. I watched as it tore my friend inside out. Not only did it affect him, but it destroyed his family, his friends and his work. It was heartbreaking!  This woke me up and I thought……

“I am a mother of 5 handsome boys, and I will do everything I can to educated and teach them the dangers of pornography!”

I began researching this and soon learned why something simple, like pornography, can destroy everything around you. I found a book that a dear mentor in my life shared with me. It is called, He Restoreth My Soul by Donald L. Hilton (you can get it HERE). He has researched and read a lot of books on this subject, and this is the one he recommended out of them all! I hope this post will not discourage, but rather to enlighten and educate more on the dangers of pornography.

The book begins by sharing a story of a time when Hilton went on an African Safari. They were driving in a jeep, and the tour guide labeled the grass along the riverbed as “adrenaline grass”.

The question was asked, “Why adrenaline?”.

The tour guide’s response was, “Do you see the lion laying down in the grass right there?”

Everyone in the jeep peered and hearts started racing as they quickly realized a lion was laying down near the river. The tour guide informed the tourist that this lion was waiting for his lunch. When an animal comes in for a drink, the lion will jump out and grab its prey by the throat and strangling it of oxygen. The lion blended in so well, that one would completely miss it if they were not looking for it.

Hilton illustrates this powerful analogy with 2 pictures. The first picture was one he took from the jeep.

Photo Jul 15, 2 49 51 PM

At first glance you would not think a lion was in this picture. The next picture he shows is the same picture

Photo Jul 15, 2 50 58 PM

He zoomed in and added light and contrast to the picture. The result was a picture of a lion, the same lion that had APPEARED hidden in the previous picture.

The lion in this analogy represents pornography.  We must add light to our understanding in regards of the dangers of pornography, so we can prevent it from attacking us or our children. If we know it is there, and where it hides, we can take the necessary steps to avoid it!

Here are some important facts to know about pornography.

Fact #1 – Pornography is more addictive than cocaine.

SAY WHAT!!!! We spend a lot of time teaching our kids to stay away from drugs. Pornography should be added to the, “must teach our kids” list. It is more addictive than cocaine because our own brains produce and releases the addictive drug when exposed to pornography. It is readily available at all times.

Fact #2 – Pornography destroys the pleasure centers in the brain.

Those addicted to pornography, do not find pleasure in activities they would normally find pleasure in. Their pleasure center in their brain becomes damaged. Activities such as eating and being with family, are no longer found pleasurable. It also reduces their capacity to love.

Fact #3 – Pornography is a true addiction and should be treated as such.

Pornography is an actual addiction similar to alcoholism and drugs, and needs to be treated just like any other addiction. This addiction is a lifelong journey. It is very important to talk often and address the issue regularly.

Fact # 4 – It is not IF your child gets exposed to pornography, but WHEN.

Many articles say that many kids will be exposed by the age of 10. Some other articles I have seen as early as 8 years old. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead educate yourselves and teach your kids the dangers of pornography! Teach them how to react when they do see pornography. Read this post, Teaching My Kid to Know, “What To Do When I See Pornography.”

Fact #5 – Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, recovery can be 100%.

Here is a great article of hope and love for Overcoming Addictions. This article is so great! It restores hope into my heart that all things are possible through our Savior, Jesus Christ! Families can be made whole again. Families can become better and stronger. It is not hopeless, and this attack on the families that seems all consuming will not win.

As parents and caregivers, we must educate ourselves on this subject and teach our kids. Knowledge is power. Make it a topic of conversation in your home. Open communication will make all of the difference.

The LDS church has a great website about overcoming pornography that is fabulous. Check it out HERE