Such a great teaching tool for kids and coping with opposition in all things! #DoubletheBatch

The Yellow Gummy Bear Rule (Opposition in all Things)

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Isn’t it amazing how the greatest lessons can be learned from the simplest things in life? Such is the case with how the yellow gummy bear rule was born! Let me give you some background before I tell you how you can use this as a great teaching tool for your kids! (you can just skip over it if you’re as impatient as I am!)

One night my whole world felt like it was caving in. I felt like a failure at my weight loss efforts, my mothering abilities, and my relationship with my husband. I hadn’t had sugar for 3 weeks but was wanting to drown my sorrows in a VERY large ice cream sundae!

opposition in all things

I knew if I did, it would only feel better temporarily and then I would hate myself more so I just drove to the gym and walked the track, over and over until I felt better. It took an hour but I came home feeling like I could cope again.

   I woke up the next morning to my friend standing at my door with breakfast! She knew I was having a hard time and just surprised me. It was the best therapy just chatting together. PMS stinks and sometimes the best therapy for me has always been venting my emotions to a girlfriend. Husbands just don’t cut it in these situations. They just can’t relate, right? Or can they?? My husband will laugh when he reads this because I don’t even think he remembers the following scenerio.