Keep a house clean with KIDS? How do other moms do it?? This secret might just make you laugh! #DoubletheBatch

How to Keep a House Clean with Kids!

I remember when I was growing up my mom struggled to keep a clean house with kids more than anything else. It felt like we were always being asked to do chores, yet the house just never stayed clean…EVER! Now, as an adult, with 4 kids of my own, I wonder how on earth my mom stayed sane? After all, I’m sure it would have been so much easier for her to just throw us all outside in a makeshift tent and tell us to fend for ourselves until we could learn to clean up after ourselves!! (the thought might have crossed my own mind this past month!)

So, you’re probably here because you are dying to know HOW ON EARTH to keep a house clean with KIDS!! There has just gotta be a way, right? I mean, other mom’s do it, right? You’ve most likely walked into one of THOSE homes where everything seems to be in place, the kids have clean matching clothes, & clean faces too!

How on earth do they do it??

Keep a house clean with KIDS? I've seen other people do it. What is their secret? This secret might just make you laugh!

I think I have finally found out how to keep a house clean with kids! My life will forever be changed now. I can officially be June Cleaver, Martha Stewart, and Carol Brady all rolled into one! (except Carol Brady had Alice to cook and clean for her so she gets kicked off the list!) Here is the magic formula: