Regardless of the world around them, our kids can still be a powerful influence for good! #DoubletheBatch

How to Arm Our Children with Light

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Raising children is a little different for each generation. The trials I faced growing up are different from the the trials my children now face. The world is moving at a faster pace each and every day and it’s mind-boggling. It is amazing the tools we have been given and how fast technology has grown. While we have been given an immense amount of tools to do good in this world, those same tools can be used against us and our children! With the same effort that it takes my child to swipe their finger on a screen to play an educational app or read their scriptures, the filth of the world can also be accessed by just about anyone anywhere.Regardless of the world around them, our kids can still be a powerful influence for good.!

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try to make my home a little more like heaven, Satan is doing his best to sneak in a little hell around every turn! It comes through the radio, through tv, through the internet, and can even come through friends outside the home. How do we keep up the fight? How do we arm our children with light so that they are equipped to fight the darkness that seems to lurk around every corner? How do we help them understand the importance of not giving in when the world offers what seems to be an ‘easier’ road?