Raspberry Cream Cheese French Toast

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I first tried these slices of heaven at a sleepover at my best friends house a few years ago. As soon as her mom pulled out the raspberry jam and cream cheese I knew I was in for a real treat! The cool thing about this french toast recipe is not only how incredibly easy it is but that it can be tweaked and personalized to your own favorite tastes! Raspberry is my favorite fruit but you can do any jam or preserves you want (strawberry, peach, blackberry, etc…).

So without further ado,

This french toast recipe is SO easy and can be tweaked and personalized to your own favorite tastes!


Loaf of French Bread

Your Favorite Jam or Jelly

1  Block of Cream Cheese (8 oz)

2 Eggs

1 Cup of Milk


1. Turn on your griddle or pan to start getting hot

2. Whip together your eggs and milk

3. Slice your french bread in the middle and split apart into two sides. On one side spread your cream cheese and on the other, your Jam. After both sides are covered, push the halves back together pretty tight.

4. Slice the now pushed together french bread into pieces no bigger than 1 inch.

5. Dip those slices on both sides into your whipped egg and milk mixture and then cook on your griddle!

The Jam is sweet enough that I sometimes don’t even need syrup but feel free to put some butter and syrup on yours if you want!

 You’ll never want to pull out your old french toast recipe again! Enjoy!