PODCAST #1 – The Power Of Your Thoughts As A Mother

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Welcome to this weeks Uplift your Mayhem Monday and the power of our thoughts!

This week I want to talk about the power of your thoughts as a mother. 

Last week we were able to take a family trip to Lake Powell. If you have never been there, it is a lake created by the Glen Canyon Dam. This lake is fed by the Colorado River, but the majority of Lake Powell is housed in Utah. It is full of beautiful tall red cliffs that sleek down into the greenish-bluish waters of Lake Powell. 

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As we explored many different canyons, my mind began wandering. Here we were floating on top of beautiful calm water without a worry in the world. It was peaceful and my heart was full as I took in God’s beautiful creations.

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At that moment it was hard to believe that this water could be a force of utter destruction. How can something so beautiful and life sustaining change so rapidly and become incredibly terrifying. 

I had a parallel come to my mind that taught me something. I realized then that as moms we can set the tone and feeling in our home through our thoughts and actions. What kind of storm do we have going on in our head and what are we doing about it? 

I’m hear to tell you that you have the power to change that storm and start influencing your children and those around you for the better.  

Your thoughts as a mother greatly determine your actions. How are you influencing your home? Do you find yourself struggling to stay afloat more that enjoying the beauty around you? What thoughts bring out your anger and frustrations and are those thoughts really necessary? 

Here’s a quick story to get you thinking how powerful your thoughts are.

I heard this example today while listening to Jody Moore from Better Than Happy podcast (If you have never heard of her, go check her out! She has taught me so much!).

Let’s say you hear your toddler waking up from his nap after you have had a very productive afternoon. You are feeling great and energized. You walk in his room and see that your toddler has successfully smeared poop all over the walls and crib.

This is where your thoughts can make or break this situation. Before you walked into this room, you were happy and energized, but yet behind that door there was poop being smeared all over the wall. At that moment there were no thoughts connected to this incident UNTIL you walked in the room. Now all of a sudden your brain has thoughts start coming out in full force! 

Now ask yourself, are your thoughts going to create a storm within yourself or in your home OR are your thoughts going to take you and your child to a place of peace. Remember what is the end result you are wanting for your family. What are you going to teach your child during this circumstance.  Can you and will you change your thoughts to find peace within yourself?

I want you to pay attention to your thoughts this week and when you are in a situation where you feel your thoughts and emotions are going to place that you don’t like, stop and think. Write those emotions down and just allow yourself to feel those emotions and then decide how you can change those thoughts creating your emotions. The first step is recognizing so you can make a change for the better!!