Orange Julius

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When I was in 9th grade, we made Orange Julius in one of my cooking classes. It was the first time I had ever tried an Orange Julius and I was totally hooked! Like seriously hooked. For most of that school year, I would come home from school and make myself a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, and blend me up an Orange Julius.

It became a weird little habit of mine-if you could call it that. Anyway, you would think, after 2,345+ Orange Julius’ later, I would be sick of it. But I’m here to tell you that the Orange Julius I made yesterday tastes just as delicious as the first one I tried that fateful day in 9th grade. In case you didn’t realize, an Orange Julius is incredibly easy to make! With only 6 ingredients (5 of which, you most likely already have) you can make this up in a jiffy! And *ahem* Mother’s Day is coming up… I’ll bet your mama would love this on her breakfast trey that morning. (you ARE making her breakfast in bed right? 🙂 ) 


I seriously can't get enough of this delicious, frothy, Orange Julius!!

Orange Julius

Here’s what you’ll need:

6 oz Orange Juice Concentrate (or you can squeeze your own orange juice! More power to ya!)

1 cup of Milk

1 cup of Water

1/4 cup of Sugar 

1 tsp Vanilla

10 Ice cubes (about a cup and a half)


Throw all the ingredients in your blender and blend until it’s the consistency that you like. I love my Orange Julius nice and frothy! Mmmm…