Night Owl vs. Early Bird (Part 2)

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Do early birds really have a bigger edge on life than night owls? Follow my night owl vs. early bird journey to see!!

Well folks, my first day was an epic fail (but don’t leave just yet because day 2 was better!) I had a goal to get to bed by 10. So where was I at 10:00?

Not in bed.

I forgot that it takes a few nights for your body to adjust to a new sleep schedule. So what time did I get to bed?

night owl vs. early bird

Yeah…I know. What the heck was I doing at midnight when I couldn’t get to sleep?

night owl vs. early bird

Making a quesadilla of course! (hey! I was hungry!)

So now you know why I had an epic fail. Getting to bed late=not getting up early.

Fast forward to day 2!

Once again, I struggled the night before to fall asleep. My body is really fighting this whole go to bed early thing! I didn’t wake up at 6…but I did wake up at 7:45! (which was still way before my kids!) I got up, put on my shoes and went for a walk. I’m all for multi-tasking so I put my headphones on and listened to an inspirational talk to start my day. I came home and got to finish an entire blog post before my kids woke up!

So, what’s my verdict so far on night owl vs. early bird? It’s definitely not easy still, but I noticed a big difference in my writing this morning! It literally took me HALF as much time to whip out a post than it usually does! (not kidding!) On my walk, I came up with inspiration for what I wanted to do with my kids today and also several future blog posts. When my kids woke up, it wasn’t “Oh great! time to wake up and get going!” because I already was! I’m excited for tomorrow. The only regret I have today is that I wish I had more time. We’ll see if I can get up earlier tomorrow!

Obviously, I’m not going to bore you with each and every day, so I’ll update you in several days or a week with my progress. Wish me luck!

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