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You know that question that your child gives you over and over and over again?? The question above all other questions that can put you over the edge of sanity. The never ending conversation that seems more one sided on your part than your child. Simply the question………


Oh that question! It can get old very fast! HOWEVER, I believe the answer to this question can be life changing. I believe when you understand WHY something is done, meaningless work becomes uplifting and inspiring. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you get up early every morning? Why do you exercise? Why did you have kids? WHY keep running in the mayhem of your own life while still uplifting those around you? These are the million dollar questions. I recently came across a quote online, “If your WHY is important enough, the HOW becomes easy!” I’m going to change that just a little bit. “If your WHY is important enough, the HOW becomes EASIER!” Anything worthwhile is never simply just “easy”. It can still be very hard, but it is those times that make us stronger. If you understand WHY, then during difficult times when you want to give up, it will be the WHY that keeps you going. You must remember your WHY.  

My WHY of starting this blog is simply a great desire to uplift and to inspire moms to become their best self. I want to uplift in little ways that may change someone in a big way. There have been so many mentors and individuals in my life that have shaped me into the person I am. These people continue to shape me in the person I want to become. This blog will touch on a little bit of everything. It will include uplifting stories, amazing individuals, tricks that may lighten your load as a mom, posts that will make you laugh, anything that will uplift you during the mayhem of life! Now I want you to ask yourself,