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I’m the wife of a dashing entreprenuer, whose adventures in business keep me hanging on for dear life. I am a mother to 5 fantastic and hilarious little people who also keep me hanging on for dear life. Some days I wonder what in the world happened to the even-tempered, funny, never-flustered, always-happy gal I was before I had kids. But, most days I wonder how I could possibly be more blessed than I am. I am the only sister-in-law here at doublethebatch, but I think they love me like a sister. (-:

Trisha Author



I’m Kristina. 5th of Kathy’s 8 kids, and the tallest of the girls. I blog at, and after my first 2 years of blogging, decided to get my family in on the blogging fun by starting this blog. I hope you all enjoy my family as much as I do. We are such a random bunch.

I am married to a soccer-lovin’ seminary teacher and have two girls–18 months apart. Having them so close together has been incredibly fun and crazy at the same time. If you have young kids, stop by my blog sometime…I’m constantly trying to come up with new activities to entertain my energetic 2-year old.

Kristina Author



Hi, I’m Katie. I’m the oldest of Kathy’s kids.  My husband Beau and I have 4 kids of our own. I love the smell of a newborn baby but not the sleep deprivation, to spend time with my kids and husband, and girl’s night out with my friends and sisters. I enjoy chilling in bed with a good show after the kids are asleep. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth, and have about 51 places where I rotate hiding my stash from my kids. I am the oldest of 8 children yet barely surviving having 4 of my own. My kids drive me to the brink of insanity every day yet they are my greatest joy. Motherhood is teaching me my greatest lessons in life and the journey gets a little brighter the higher I climb. Someday When I reach the summit, I hope I will enjoy the view.

Katie Author


You pronounce my name โ€œKuh-reenโ€. I married my High School sweetheart in 2012 and he’s kept me laughing since we met in 2008. We just added a cute little fella to our twosome and couldn’t be happier about finally being parents. I also enjoy warm chocolate chip cookies, a good book, and spur-of-the-moment adventures. I keep trying to convince my husband to run away with me but he has yet to oblige. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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