Is your Love Stronger Than Your Opinion?

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This family motto has long been emblazoned in my whole being; however, with the most recent presidential elections and other political storms, the WHOLE WORLD deserves to understand this principle! I Wish I had adopted it much earlier in my motherhood and even in my childhood; however, it is NEVER too late.

This philosophy first occurred to me as I witnessed a couple, very close to me, who loved each other very much, separate over a different medical choice.  The wife had cancer and had only been given a short time to live.  They both made the choice together to fight it with alternative means.  They gave it all they had, and it consumed their lives.  She got better and then took a turn for the worse.  She decided to check into the hospital.  He left and decided to do an out of town job.  He called me on the road, and in agony said “I just couldn’t stay there and watch her throw away everything we have worked for.” 

I crumpled in pain!  Then like a lightning bolt going through me came this inspiration from heaven.  I repeated it to him.  I said something like this: “I understand why you are feeling this way, but neither of us are in her situation.  Just imagine what she must be feeling right now.  She needs you now more than ever! Is your LOVE for her stronger than your opinion?” 

love vs opinion

He turned around and returned to his wife and family to support her lovingly to the end.  I pondered for a long time what I had said.  It was genius really!  Why had it not occurred to me before?  From that day forward I have attempted to take my own advice.  I believe in a God who values personal agency at all costs. Why then, should I not do the same?

Every person on earth is different.  We have a unique fingerprint, DNA as well as a host of other traits and talents and CHOICES.  Together we all make a beautiful rainbow, or a lovely sounding orchestra.  We can learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We can learn to appreciate each other’s differences, even in opinions. We can all be better by giving place and listening to other’s opinions.  We can even listen kindly, and maybe even learn something, or heaven forbid…change our opinion.

Is your love stronger than your opinion?

There will be differences in opinions between the most alike two people. You can just imagine our blended family of two parents and fifteen children (not counting several spouses and the grandchildren). Even with our similar core values, the differences of opinion are abundant!  I was an alternative health fan; He was straight-line medical.  He was extremely safety conscious (or paranoid from my opinion); I was “Where’s your faith?” I had become more lenient in my parenting; He was more strict.  And that’s just the differences between us two.  My family loved Mexican food; His family loved oriental and Italian. Right after we were married, one of my husband’s older grown children came from out of town to meet me and celebrate with us.  Somehow the subject of either religious beliefs or politics got started and before long they were beginning to have a heated argument.  Alarms went off in my head!  No, this shouldn’t be!  We are family and our LOVE for each other is stronger than our opinion!”

This last election really brought my motto to the forefront and tested it to the limit!  I have honestly never felt such division not only in our country, but right down to neighborhoods and families.  I even heard of a case where a family member disowned their parents over their choice for President.  How sad!  I can understand that I will NOT agree with everyone, but folks, let us especially be kind and make allowances for others choices and opinion, especially those closest to us!  Be it politics, religion, health, diet & medical choices, dress & appearances, how you spend your money and your time, let your LOVE be stronger than your opinion!