Interactive Chore Charts that Measures your Kid’s Success

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Despite what my children may think, they CANNOT sit around, watch Minecraft videos and eat junk food all day. It’s not happening. So, as a mother, there’s something nice about making the chore chart the bad guy instead of yourself. And these FREE printable chore charts will do the trick.

chore charts, bunny, frog, sun, monster
Four FREE printable chore charts for your kids

What I like most about these chore charts is that they are customizable and simple. Since you write on the chart with a dry erase marker, you can simply change the assigned chores to your liking. And it’s easy for your kids to slide the marker to the “Finish” spot once they are done with each chore. No stickers or searching for a pen.

I like to check their work, and if they aren’t quite done, I tell them to go move their chore chart slide half way. I praise them for

So let’s get started.

Print your chore charts

Choose from the chore charts listed below and email the PDF to your local copy store. I printed and laminated three chore charts on 8.5×11 cardstock. It only cost $4!

Blue Monster Chart – FREE printable

Green Froggy Chart – FREE printable

Orange Sun Chart – FREE printable

Pink Bunny Chart – FREE printable

Assemble your chore charts

These charts are relatively simple to assemble, they just take a little bit of time. You’ll need some

scissors, knife, straws, cutting board, dry erase marker, string, tape
Supplies that you will need to assemble your chore charts.

Start by using a sharp kitchen knife and poking tiny holes in each row right below the word “Start”. Then do the same thing below the word finish. Measure and cut seven pieces of string that are slightly longer than the length between the words “Start” and “Finish”. Tie a knot at the end of one of the pieces of string and push the safety pin through the knot. Feed the closed safety pin (with the string attached), through the first “Start” hole. Detach the string from the pin and tape the string down to the back of the chart. Cut a small 1/2 inch piece off the straw and thread it onto the string. Feed the other end of the string through the “Finish” hole and then repeat this process for the rest of the pieces of string.

Basically, just look at the picture at the top of this blog post and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

string, safety pin, chore chart, tape
Feed the string through the holes on the chore chart (left). Tape loose pieces of string to the back of the chart (right).

Write the chores and enjoy!

Now you’re pretty much done. Use the dry erase marker to write the name of your child at the top and then their subsequent chores.  I kind of had a fat tip on my dry erase marker, so you might want to use one with a fine tip. It did the trick though. Hang your chore chart in a prominent place in your home. Now enjoy!

chore chart, string, boy
My son using his new chore chart.

These chore charts are easy to make and can last forever, even as your child gets bigger and their chores change. I made one for my three oldest boys. They love them and it gets them excited to do their chores.

chore charts
Three chore charts I made for my boys.

I hope these charts work for your kids. Let me know if they do in the comments below.

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Interactive chore chart that helps your kid see how well they are doing! Free printable! Make chores easier and print it out!