3 Power House Cleaning Tips

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These house cleaning tips are seriously going to save you! If you are a busy mom with kids I’m here to tell you that this tip I’m about the share with you works like a gem every time. 

The problem I would find, whenever I would clean, was that I would jump around from room to room and not feel like I accomplished anything after an hour. I would find dirty socks in the living room and take them to the laundry room. Once I was in the laundry room I would throw in a load of laundry and pick some other items up. From there I would then mozy my way back to the living room and start picking up books that belonged in the library and the rat race would continue

Having 5 boys in my home I felt I was cleaning all of the time! With these few house cleaning tips I hope they help you to gain a clean home and find some peace knowing you aren’t living in a disaster. 

Power House Cleaning Tips that will help keep your house clean with your busy life and kids. How to stay on top of your house cleaning without spending all day cleaning! This tip will change your life!

My 3 POWER House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tip #1 – Set a timer and clean one room

This one tip is my power house game changer! I actually was visiting a friend who just had a baby. She was up cleaning her kitchen when I came and she kept going as we chatted. I told her, “Dang girl! You can come clean my house next!” Bah ha ha!

She laughed and said, “I’m on a timer!”

I thought about that for a minute and the more I thought I about it, the more I thought that it was a genius idea! I voiced my thoughts out loud and told her that putting yourself on a timer is a genius idea!

She laughed and said, “Not that kind of timer. My baby is my timer! He’s taking a nap.” 

I had a good laugh, but still kept thinking about setting a real timer when you clean. The next day I had a 15 minute window before I had to go pick up my boys from a class and my kitchen was a disaster! 

I had 15 minutes.

I set the timer and worked like mad for 15 minutes! Guess what? I totally did it and my kitchen was 87% cleaner than what is used to be. That is a mom win if you ask me! Trust me! Pick one room and set the timer! 

To help make sure you cover more rooms you can follow this one a day rule

House Cleaning Tip #2 – Get your kids involved

Those of you who have kids, I hope you realize what an awesome resource you have! Utilize these kiddos! I am going to share with you something I have been doing with my kids, but it may sound a little crazy to you at first! Other than cleaning their own room, my kids do not have chores! 


Yep, you heard me! My kids don’t have chores for a couple reasons. I have a chore chart on my wall that at one point in time we utilized and it seemed to work. This chart had their to do’s and when they accomplished that goal they got to move their magnet to their done side.

I’m here to tell you that I dislike chores! Here is why. I don’t like the nagging to get them done, I don’t like the reminding and the dragging out all day long effect a list of chores tends to bring. I don’t like finding out later that they did a terrible job, and I already had let them go out to play. 

Can any of you relate?

What we have started to do, is when I’m needing things cleaned up we set the timer for 20 minutes and we go to town cleaning a couple rooms. We do it together and I help and guide those slackers (ha ha cute slackers) along to get it done. When the timer goes off, you stop. My boys looked around and said, “Wow it is so clean!” 

YAY!! MAMA HAPPY DANCE!! No more nagging to get things done, no more wondering if your child will get their “chores” done today, tomorrow or the next. Set them up for success and do it together! 

Power House Cleaning Tips that will help keep your house clean with your busy life and kids. How to stay on top of your house cleaning!

House Cleaning TIP #3 – Get a transfer basket

When you set the timer, don’t leave the room you are focusing on. If you have an item that doesn’t belong in that specific room, then set it in a basket. When you have 5 minutes left, take that basket and go and disperse those items to where they belong. 

This will save you time from the running back and forth each time you put something away! You will probably find you have some time left over to go a little bit deeper in your cleaning! Perfect! Keep going!

I hope these power house cleaning tips will help you and your family get things clean in your home! I love love it! Let me know how it goes! 

Here is a video of this tip in action! I cleaned my kitchen when I had a 15 minute window before I had to pick up my boys! 

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