Podcast #4 – What Would Your Future Self Say?

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Happy Monday everyone! I missed connecting with you all last week! As I said in my last email we went on a trek with the youth in our church where we walked with handcarts for 3 days, slept in tents and wore pioneer clothing! It was a wonderful experience and oh so glad to return home.


I’m a firm believer that there is a lot we can learn from our ancestors who have gone before us. I believe they play a part in each of our lives now. 

There is also someone else you can learn from and gain confidence and strength from, and that person is your FUTURE SELF. 

What?? How does this work?

This last week I took a class with a life coach Jody Moore who taught about having a futuristic focus. There is a part of that class I want to share with you. She challenged each of us to write a letter to our current self  from our future self. 

Confused? Trust me…this stuff is great and gets you to start thinking differently about life (for the better)!

I want you to imagine yourself as an 80 year old lady who has experienced your life already. Now, ask yourself these questions….

Where do you see yourself at that point in time? 
What do you see your self doing?
Who do you see yourself as?
Who is with you?
What do you find important in your life?

Now take that wisdom from this sweet future self and write a letter to your current day self. What do you think she would say? 

I have thought about this over the last couple days and here are a couple of my feelings that I feel my future self would say:

“Marcy, don’t worry so much about the small things. Your boys are crazy and at times drive you crazy with their crazy antics!  Enjoy, embrace and have fun with your family. Teach them and guide them as they make mistakes and be their constant safe place. Rely on the Spirit to guide you as you raise your boys.

If your house isn’t clean don’t sweat it, know that the mess will still be there tomorrow. There will be many years where your house will be clean and in perfect order without the pitter patter of your little ones leaving a trail of crumbs, dirt or poop behind them.

Love that husband of yours! You have many wonderful, amazing adventures left with him and make each one of them count.” 

These are just a couple of the thoughts that I have had, but I will stop there so you can go write yourself a letter from your future self. I hope you take this challenge and really start thinking how this changes what you do on a daily basis. 

How will it affect your choices you make daily? Will social media matter? Does it matter if your house is perfectly clean with everything in it’s place? Do you worry less and live in the moment more? 

All of these questions are to get your mind thinking on how to really create a happier current self. No one creates that happiness for you, it has to come from within yourself. 

This is great news and I hope you catch the vision of what your future self is trying to tell you! Take the challenge and start writing the letter! Feel free to email me or share your letter. I would love to hear from you.